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TNT Express Acknowledged as World Leader in Technology Development

Publish Date : 11 November 2002 at 11:55 CET - TPG Information Systems, the in-house IS department for the world's leading business-to-business express carrier TNT Express, has been recognised as one of the world's top technology developers by Compass Management Consulting, the acknowledged industry leader in operational performance improvement.

TPG IS develops and maintains the IS infrastructure behind a global delivery network linking 20,000 road vehicles and 43 aircraft transporting 700,000 time-sensitive packages every night between nearly 900 TNT depots and sortation hubs. The recognition from Compass, known as 'Reference Group status' confirms that the company demonstrates consistently high standards in software development, support and maintenance. It also indicates that
TPG IS delivers extremely high levels of productivity and cost-effectiveness to its internal customers. TPG IS is one of just five organisations out of more than 600 in the 'Application Development, Support and Maintenance' section of the Compass Register to achieve this recognition, which is known as 'Reference Group status' because it identifies the high performance levels that other companies can measure themselves against.

During a rigorous three month investigation Compass measured the quality, speed and cost of TNT's development services, including a representative sample of their 1,254 software projects that equate to 175 man years of work and an expenditure of nearly €23 million. Compass consultants interviewed several of TPG IS' most important internal customers who required programmes including:

  • 'Skymaster' and 'Roadmaster' software designed to schedule the nightly arrival and departure times of 20,000 trucks and 43 aircraft. The two schedules were interfaced to ensure optimum use of capacity on all vehicles. Operational staff throughout the world are now able to react more quickly to any changes in air or road schedules to maintain a high quality service.
  • The 'Cash Credits' report which was developed to measure the revenue of the business on a daily basis, by monitoring the number of packages moved and the revenue generated. This enables profit forecasts to be made and gives an indication of the trading activity of new customers.
  • The iWorld family of products which enable customers to use all the services provided by TNT through the internet, from a PC or directly linked with their own systems.

Richard Grafham Director IS Professional Services for TNT Express said: "We are delighted that Compass has selected us as part of its highly regarded Reference Group. Our IS infrastructure and our Customer Information Technology products are becoming increasingly important in making TNT Express faster and more reliable than the competition. We are extremely proud that our development team is supplying this invaluable competitive edge for the business. Compass has also highlighted areas for further improvement and we look forward to working with them in the future to achieve consistently high performance across all areas of our work."

Martin Tennant, Senior Consultant, Compass Management Consulting commented: "All express delivery companies are reliant on their IT and TNT Express has channelled significant resources into developing solutions that meet the individual needs of diverse operations and different countries around the world. Compass has worked closely with TNT Express to identify areas for improvement in the development and support of their applications and achieving Compass' Reference Group status is a well merited accomplishment for the work of the staff involved. Compass Reference Group status sets a standard to which other organisations can aspire. It demonstrates high performance across a broad range of measures, including productivity, cost efficiency and quality."

Page publication date: 11 November 2002 at 11:55 CET