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TPG and UN World Food Programme launch partnership

Publish Date : 19 December 2002 at 11:36 CET - Mail, Express and Logistics company TPG N.V. and the United Nations' World Food Programme (WFP) have today launched a partnership for at least five years aimed at a single common goal: to help in the global fight against hunger.

By becoming the largest corporate sponsor of the world's biggest humanitarian aid agency, TPG is committed to making available its people, skills, systems and assets to support WFP .

Around the world, millions of people go to bed hungry each night. Every five seconds a child dies from hunger or hunger-related causes. Despite our planet producing more than enough food to provide for its entire population, difficulties with logistics is one of the fundamental problems in getting the food to the people who need it most. As one of the world's leading logistics companies, TPG has the expertise to support WFP's activities to help tackle - even in a small way - the problem of global hunger. By using its core skills, TPG aims to further enhance WFP's ability to feed the world's hungriest people.

Following a careful study of the different options, TPG decided to partner with WFP for a number of reasons. WFP is the world's largest humanitarian organisation and the logistics arm of the United Nations. With similar expertise in both transportation and logistics, WFP and TPG share the common values of speed, reliability and efficiency, as well as a 'results-based' culture. WFP also has the lowest overheads of any major UN organisation, which enables it to ensure that of every USD1 it receives, nearly 91 cents goes straight to purchasing and delivering food to the hungry. Finally, both TPG and the WFP have truly global operations.

Drawing on the expertise of TPG's subsidiaries - Royal TPG Post, TNT Express and TNT Logistics - the partnership between TPG and WFP will focus on five initiatives: Emergency Response, Joint Logistics Supply Chain, Transparency and Accountability, School Feeding Support and Private Sector Fundraising. These are areas that WFP and TPG agreed together would be the most effective and appropriate for the partnership. TPG will direct EUR 5 million to WFP in the first year by providing a mix of expertise and financial resources.

As well as helping to boost WFP's emergency and development work, TPG will also benefit from the relationship. TPG is aware that its stakeholders - shareholders, customers, employees and the government - are increasingly looking at social issues as well as economic issues. The programme is expected to also further strengthen company pride and reputation. As the largest single charitable commitment TPG has ever undertaken, the company hopes to tap the proven dedication of its three divisions and enthusiasm of its 148,000 employees to take on the greatest logistical challenge of all: helping to feed the world.
As a firm believer in the principle of people, planet, and profit, Peter Bakker, CEO of TPG has been at the forefront of the programme. He says that: "For anyone who has witnessed the pictures of starving men, women and children on TV, it is obvious that we should do something to help. By bringing together the people in TPG we can unite our mail, express and logistics expertise to fight a single cause: to help hungry people. Our skills, systems and people can help WFP to assist people in crisis situations or those who face desperate hunger across the globe. For the longer run, we will also look into the possibilities of expanding the partnership to include other UN-agencies or global humanitarian organisations."

James Morris, WFP's Executive Director says: "Together I am sure we will be able to achieve truly great things - a powerful partnership leading to benefits for all concerned. The partnership with TPG is one of the best things that could happen to the World Food Programme. And given that the Government of the Netherlands has always been one of WFP's strongest supporters, TPG - a global company based in the Netherlands - is just another example of the extraordinary commitment of the Dutch people."

Page publication date: 19 December 2002 at 11:36 CET