Press Release

TPG sponsors World Press Photo

Publish Date : 17 January 2003 at 11:11 CET - Mail, express and logistics company TPG N.V. has today announced a three-year sponsorship of World Press Photo, the major independent platform for photojournalism.

TPG has taken this initiative mainly for reasons of social responsibility. It also creates an additional aspect for TPG's brand name which consumers can identify with and therefore enhances the company's reputation.

Peter Bakker, CEO of TPG: "TPG has an interest that goes beyond its business objectives. TPG is a people's business. We care for what goes on in the world, as is also evidenced by the recently announced partnership with the World Food Programme to help fight world hunger. In order to be able to make a difference in any of the bigger issues facing the world today, we need to identify these issues and confront society at large with images that tell the story behind them. That's where World Press Photo comes in."

Michiel Munneke, managing director of World Press Photo: "As a non-profit organisation we depend on support from the private sector. We choose our partners carefully and a global player like TPG with an awareness of social issues is a perfect match for us. By becoming a main sponsor of World Press Photo, TPG chooses not only to support the work of professional press photographers, but also to extend their commitment to social responsibility by highlighting the importance of the principle of freedom of the press."

World Press Photo is an independent non-profit organisation, founded in the Netherlands in 1955. Its aim is to support and promote internationally the work of professional press photographers. Over the years, World Press Photo has evolved into an independent platform for photojournalism and the free exchange of information. Besides managing the extensive exhibition programme, the organisation also runs a number of educational projects. World Press Photo realises its objectives by organising the largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest in the world. With over 40,000 photographs entered, the World Press Photo contest effectively provides a yearly status report on the state of affairs in the world.

Page publication date: 17 January 2003 at 11:11 CET