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TNT Express becomes first global carrier to partner with local courier company in Iraq

Publish Date : 25 June 2003 at 09:49 CET - TNT Express, the leading business to business express carrier has today announced a partnership agreement with Baghdad's largest courier company IKE Express to provide door to door delivery services to and from Iraq.

New agreement will offer reliable express delivery services

TNT Express is the first international express company to link up with an Iraqi national operator since the lifting of UN sanctions and the partnership will provide more reliable services for customers in the region.

A new daily TNT Express road service from across the border in Amman, Jordan is now carrying documents, parcels and air freight into Baghdad with operations expected to extend to Basra as well as other Iraqi cities in the next few months. All delivery drivers engaged in the partnership with IKE Express wear TNT Express uniforms and vehicles carry TNT livery with all operations being controlled by the TNT Express global link computer system. Customer service and customs clearance support systems are provided by staff employed by the TNT Express wholly owned company in Amman.

Alan Jones, Group Managing Director TNT Express commented, “TNT Express now offers the fastest and most reliable door to door express delivery services to and from Iraq. Our global service combined with the local knowledge and expertise of IKE Express in Iraq provides an important competitive advantage. We are providing a vital service by delivering urgently needed goods and this will help the Iraqi economy to recover from the UN sanctions that have been applied for many years. There is no doubt about the potential for additional business in Iraq which is the world's second largest producer of oil and gas. We are already satisfying customer requests for express delivery services in Iraq from senders as far afield as Japan and the UK.”

Initially the majority of consignments sent to Iraq are expected to originate in the Middle East with shipments being carried by TNT Express mainly for non-governmental organisations and oil companies. Excellent opportunities exist because there are not currently any import duties in place for shipments sent to Iraq and the existing ‘oil for food' contracts have been extended at least until November.

“Our new express delivery services should help to establish a degree of normality in Iraq and we are now bringing in vital supplies that are needed by people throughout the country,” commented Jones.

Page publication date: 25 June 2003 at 09:49 CET