Press Release

TNT Express and Norway Post sign agreement

Publish Date : 11 May 2004 at 10:00 CET - As part of Norway Post's efforts to offer its customers a new and better express delivery product, the company has signed an agreement with TNT Express to provide its customers with worldwide delivery services.

The agreement between Norway Post and TNT Express means that duringMay, Norway Post will begin selling Global Express services on behalf of TNT.
This will improve Norway Post's offer of express delivery services to itscustomers, expand area coverage, reduce delivery times and increase

Arne BjØrndahl, Senior Vice President of Norway Post commented, “Wecarried out extensive research before concluding that TNT Express has the
best and most reliable global express service for us. The deal is good news for our customers as it gives them increased access to the international expressparcels market.”

Under the terms of the agreement Norway Post will also undertake distributionof TNT's express products in the Norwegian market with the exception of Osloand its surrounding area where TNT operates with its own facilities andpersonnel. For TNT the agreement means increased sales and expanded
distribution of its express delivery services in the Norwegian market.

The international express products will be offered under the TNT brand andthus replace the EMS products Norway Post has been selling to date.
Consignment notes, documents and packaging will carry the TNT brand. Theproducts will be available at most of Norway Post's 1,500 post offices and
Post in Shops, as well as through TNT's own sales channels.

Terje Ragnem, General Manager TNT Norway, TNT Express said, “We areabsolutely delighted to be entering into this agreement with Posten Norge AS.
The combined benefits of the agreement will allow us to extend our reachwithin the region by offering our customers a wider ranging and more
competitive service.”

Tony Jakobsen, Regional General Manager, TNT Express Scandinavia islooking forward to another mutually beneficial agreement with a Scandinavian
postal authority. He says, "This is a further expansion of our co-operation withthe Scandinavian Post Offices. In addition to this new agreement with NorwayPost, TNT has agreements with Sweden Post who sell TNT's SkyPak brandand supply TNT with transport services to its customers in the North andSouth of Sweden."

Page publication date: 11 May 2004 at 10:00 CET