Press Release

TNT Express Wins the Day on Long Running Night Flights Court Case

Publish Date : 7 July 2004 at 15:54 CET -

TNT Express - the leading b2b express carrier - last week won a long-running legal dispute with protesters objecting to night flights at its air hub in Liége Belgium.

The protestors wanted the Court of Appeal of Liége to close the airport or to ban all night flights by TNT Express.

The court dismissed the case on every argument and declared that TNT has:

  • Complied with all regulations and demonstrated its commitment to controlling the environmental impact of night flights
  • Adhered to flight procedures, maximum noise levels, etc, and fully complied with laid down regulations. The rare instances of deviations have been at an acceptable level

Additionally, the court stated that:

  • Night flights were recognised as unavoidable and a legitimate necessity to a modern economy
  • Liége airport, through TNT's night operation, is considered as an essential contributor to the local economy

Parties will have three months to file a recourse before the Belgian Supreme Court ("Hof van cassatie"). This would not take the format of a new court case. It would involve checking to ensure that the Court of Appeal has followed all the correct procedures and legal principles.

Commenting on the very positive outcome of the court case, Niky Terzakis Managing Director of TNT Airways said: "We are very pleased with the result of the court case which clears TNT Express of any wrongdoing and demonstrates that we are an environmentally responsible operator. The verdict is also welcome news for the 1,250 people we employ at Liége."

"Continued operation of night flights from our Liége hub is absolutely fundamental to the future success and prosperity of the company. This is also why we recently announced a six-year investment programme, expected to total 94 million euros, to expand capacity and upgrade facilities at our sortation hub."

"We will continue to hold constructive dialogues with our neighbours to discuss issues relating to night flights."

Page publication date: 7 July 2004 at 15:54 CET