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Opening of TNT China university

Publish Date : 25 November 2004 at 14:00 CET - Shanghai – TNT, the world's leading provider of logistics, express, and mail services, today unveiled its new TNT China University. TNT's partnership with the prestigious Shanghai Jiaotong University's Antai School of Management marks the kickoff of an alliance aimed at utilizing each institution's advantages for the purpose of training local talent in China's fast-developing industries of logistics, express, and mail service.

Ken McCall, CEO of TNT China, and Mr. Zhang Shi Ming, Vice President of Shanghai Jiaotong University's, jointly officiated at the school's opening ceremony.

As a globally recognized “Investor in People”, TNT regards its employees as its most valuable asset. As such, TNT is pleased to start the first specialty university in China, and the first university that Shanghai Jiaotong University Antai School of Management has cooperated with.
The TNT China University curriculum focuses on the latest methods and knowledge in the areas of logistics, express, and mail services. A comprehensive employee training program emphasizes the importance of top-level customer service, and the school will also provide training to partners and suppliers in order to introduce them to advanced international concepts and to formulate better partnerships.

TNT will oversee management of the school and offers internship opportunities to qualified Antai students, while Antai will provide facilities, equipment and some faculty.

Improved methods of logistics, express and mail services will help fuel China's economic growth as well as new channels for market communications. An increasing number of enterprises are realizing that the optimization of their supply chain translates into a “third source of profit” and an increase in core competency. At the same time, development within the industry demands qualified talent: estimates indicate that logistics experts currently number 50,000 in China, though the demand is as high as 600,000. In Shanghai alone, this gap will increase to over 1 million by 2010, when the World Expo is held here, a statistic which points to the need to quickly develop the modern logistics industry in China.

Lack of professional talent and the current “personnel bottleneck” are problems that must be solved before the logistics industry can develop further. According to Ken McCall, “China's accession to the WTO has allowed for substantial growth opportunities in logistics, express, and mail services. TNT's three core businesses will undergo material growth here, and recruitment and training is key to our long-term success in China. As an industry leader, we are determined to meet the fast-growing demand of the Chinese market by combining our specialized knowledge with Jiao Tong University's expertise in training to develop more local talents.”

As a long-term cooperation, it is estimated that by 2005 TNT China University will have an enrollment of 3,500. This is complemented by TNT's “People Investment” series, with a TNT Young Talents program, the TNT China University Students Internship program, and a Cross Border Workforce Exchange Program.

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