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TPG Analyst Day on 'Strategy Matters' with full board

Publish Date : 7 December 2004 at 08:00 CET - Today, TPG holds its annual Analyst Day, hosted by CEO Peter Bakker and the other members of the Board of Management. The location is Rotterdam and the theme “Strategy Matters”.

Marie-Christine Lombard, Group Managing Director TNT Express, will explain strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening the leadership position in Europe and building it in emerging markets. Lombard will show the route to a targeted landmark 10% operating margin in 2007.

Harry Koorstra, Group Managing Director Mail, will focus on the competitive landscape in the Netherlands and strategies for expanding the division's European Mail Networks. Relevant context is the trend of lower volumes in Dutch domestic mail, with an annual rate of decline estimated at around 3.5 percent in the coming years.

Dave Kulik, Group Managing Director TNT Logistics, will highlight the central role of the Matrix™ supply chain technology in the division's growth strategy, as a means to expand its leading position in the automotive and other sectors.

Jan Haars, Group CFO, will give an update on TPG's group finance strategy.

Other presenters during the day include Ken McCall, CEO of TNT China, and Jeff Hoogesteger, responsible for TNT's freight management strategy.

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