Press Release

TNT support for disaster relief efforts in Asia

Publish Date : 4 January 2005 at 18:00 CET - Following many requests from media throughout the world, TNT herewith provides an overview of our involvement in the relief efforts following the tsunami disaster in Asia. In the coming days, we will update this information on our websites and Request for further information from the media can be directed to the Group Media Relations team in Amsterdam: + 31.20.5006224.

General overview
In the wake of the devastating tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, TNT has made its resources available to help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) – that TNT has a long term partnership with – and other humanitarian agencies in their emergency relief operations.

TNT has made EUR 1.5 million available for in-kind support focusing on our core activities:

  • Support in transporting required material to the affected areas;
  • Making warehousing capacity available for temporary storage of emergency equipment and food;
  • Making staff available to help coordinate warehousing and transportation.

Furthermore, we have donated EUR 225,000 of the funds raised by employees in the Asia Pacific region in 2004 to WFP's response to the Asian quake.

To date we have received approximately EUR 450,000 in service/support requests from WFP and other humanitarian agencies active in the region.

Fundraising in the Netherlands
The fundraising initiative, ‘Just one hour can make a difference', is based on the idea of a mailman from Heerlen to ask all TPG staff in the Netherlands to donate some of their free time. For every hour of leave surrendered, TPG Post and TNT will donate the hourly wage to the aid organisations. Organisers now hope to raise as much as EUR 500,000 between now and January 6. Employees respond very positively

Air Operations
In cooperation with WFP Aviation section we are forming ramp management teams, sourced from TNT persons in the region and ramp managers from other parts of the world. The ramp teams will be used to support the loading and unloading of emergency relief flights coming and going within the region.

Specific actions in countries in the region


  • In cooperation with WFP, TNT organized a first convoy of trucks from Medan to Banda Aceh on 2 January. The trucks carried rice, biscuits, diesel fuel and water. A second convoy of 17 trucks departed on 3 January carrying 245 tons of rice and 60 tons of water. These vehicles will be manned by TNT staff on a 2 week roster supported by a senior supervisor. They will be under direct control of the United Nations Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC). Additional TNT vehicles will be sent to the area as they come available, dependant on need.
  • TNT has chartered two MI8 helicopters. The first helicopter is due to be operational today for assessment and material deliveries in western Sumatra with the other following later this month.
  • The Jakarta operations centre, which is being set-up and run with the help of TNT, is now fully operational.
  • As of Monday, at the request of WFP, TNT has been assisting in setting up an operational control room close to the airport in Medan.
  • Starting today, TNT will arrange convoys for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to move 400 tons of equipment from Medan to Banda Aceh.
  • TNT is investigating the possibility of sourcing a coastal vessel to support distribution in the affected area and ease the supply line from Medan to Banda Aceh.
  • TNT have offered WFP office and storage space at its Medan location, close to Banda Aceh.
  • TNT has made warehouse space available at Jakarta Airport and is providing WFP with warehousing facilities in Medan, WFP's staging centre in the area.
  • We are assisting with the clearing and handling of a UN ship arriving from Medan with a cargo of rice.


  • TNT is providing line-haul transport from Bangkok to Phuket and has seconded warehouse staff to local WFP operations.

Sri Lanka

  • TNT has made 10 trucks available for inland distribution to affected locations in Trincomalee and Ampara.
  • TNT is providing support to the Airport Emergency Team at Colombo airport as well as support for the distribution of material elsewhere in the country. The Airport Emergency Team is part of an industry initiative organized through the World Economic Forum and helps offloading cargo planes full of aid, which organizations such as the Red Cross have picked up for further distribution.


  • TNT is supporting WFP and the national disaster committee to transport High Energy Biscuits from the hub in Calcutta to the crisis centre in Chennai. This is being done in cooperation with TNT daughter company Wilson Logistics. (High Energy Biscuits form a crucial part of WFP's initial response to humanitarian crises. They provide sustenance to disaster victims until food aid lines can be established.)
  • In Chennai TNT is providing warehousing facilities and is supporting WFP with the transport of the biscuits to the distribution points in the four affected areas: Pondy, Cuddalore, Kanayakumari and Nagapattinam.
  • TNT is also providing procurement support for tarpaulins and utensil kits which are urgently needed for those who have lost their homes.


  • TNT is providing support to transport material from the WFP Emergency Reserve in Pnom Penh and has made available staff members to work out of the Asia Emergency Reserve Facility if required.


  • TNT operations are ready to support a regional HUB in Kuala Lumpur for strategic airlifts in the area.


  • In conjunction with local relief and charity organizations TNT has set up drop-off points for relief donations. Well over 50% of the UAE population is of an Indian or Sri Lankan origin.
  • Five TNT staff are on standby for the Airport Emergency in Colombo. Freight has been made available to move material to the region.

Page publication date: 4 January 2005 at 18:00 CET