Press Release

TNT Logistics renews partnership with CANON

Publish Date : 2 February 2005 at 10:00 CET - CANON has decided to renew and extend its partnership in Italy with TNT Logistics, a leading global logistics service provider, broadening its mandate to a project focused on a new logistics structure to increase competitiveness. This contract is a further confirmation of a partnership between the two companies that started in 1997, and that will soon reach its ten year milestone.

The new three-year contract means that TNT Logistics Italy will develop solutions for a new logistics system with a central warehouse in the Netherlands and local warehouses in several European countries. All of the logistics activities provided to CANON ITALIA will be managed from the TNT Logistics Italy warehouse in Cerro al Lambro (Milan), which will integrate the activities of CANON's central European warehouse to perform all cross-docking operations.

In addition to all customised kitting activities, TNT Logistics Italy will be handling labelling, reconditioning, transport and returns flow management, as well as pre-installation activities for CANON's CBS Division (office products) and the project for cross-docking activities from the central European warehouse.

The highly efficient operation of the TNT Logistics Italy facility in Cerro al Lambro (Milan) will enable CANON in Italy to manage a product flow ranging from office equipment (for example photocopiers, fax machines, printers, accessories, spare parts) to home consumer products (such as photo, video, PC printers, scanners) and to distribute them throughout the country. TNT Logistics' IT systems are perfectly integrated with those of CANON thus guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency.

Gianfranco Sgro, Managing Director of TNT Logistics Italy comments: "TNT Logistics has always sought to build partnerships rather than being mere suppliers. We work alongside our partners, integrating their activities to better develop their business. The renewal and extension of important partnerships such as that with CANON are an indication of the effectiveness and efficiency of our services and drive us to seek new levels of excellence."

Page publication date: 2 February 2005 at 10:00 CET