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TNT Logistics receives third “Q1” award from Ford Motor Company

Publish Date : 7 February 2005 at 09:00 CET - TNT Logistics, a leading provider of supply chain services to the automotive industry, has received its third Ford Motor Company “Q1” Award for quality services in North America. This award is for providing transportation services to Ford's fleet business out of TNT Logistics' Brownstown (Michigan) operation located south of Detroit.

The “Q1” Award is the highest honour attainable for Ford's preferred suppliers. The award recognises suppliers who have achieved a sustained level of excellence in customer satisfaction, while meeting Ford's systems and results requirements in quality, delivery and management. In addition, suppliers must have endorsements from Ford's key customers and meet Ford-defined performance metrics.

TNT Logistics North America provides dedicated and managed truckload transportation to Ford Motor Company in both the United States and Canada. TNT Logistics received its first Ford “Q1” award in 2003 for its U.S.-based truckload operations and a second in 2004 for its Canadian-based truckload services. This latest award signifies that TNT Logistics has received the “Q1” for its entire truckload business serving Ford throughout the United States and Canada.

The winning of Ford's “Q1” Award continues a tradition of excellence for TNT Logistics North America in the automotive industry as the company also won DaimlerChrysler's “Gold” Award last year.

“The highest honour you can receive from your customers is the recognition that you have exceeded their expectations,” said Jeff Hurley, chief operating officer, TNT Logistics North America. “Ford is a wonderful partner with TNT Logistics. Our gratitude is extended to all of the TNT logisticians who support the Ford business.”

TNT Logistics North America is a business unit of TNT Logistics, which is a leading global logistics company. It designs, implements and operates complex supply chain solutions on a national, regional or global scale for medium to large enterprises. Through its freight forwarding unit it provides air and sea freight services within an international network. It exploits technology to achieve optimisation, integration and visibility throughout the supply chain. The company focuses on a diverse range of market sectors including automotive, tyres, electronics, consumer goods, utilities & telecom and publishing & media.

TNT Logistics employs appr. 40,000 people, who are operating in 39 countries, managing over 7.1 million square metres of warehouse space. In 2003, TNT Logistics reported sales of €3.735 billion. The TNT Logistics web site address is: .

Page publication date: 7 February 2005 at 09:00 CET