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TNT Logistics provides logistics services to Samsung SDI release

Publish Date : 21 April 2005 at 13:20 CET - TNT Logistics, a leading global logistics company, starts a new 5-year strategic partnership with Samsung SDI Brazil, a manufacturer of screens, CRTs and monitors in Brazil (Manaus (AM)). Under this partnership TNT Logistics will be responsible for the supply chain at Samsung SDI's plant, from receiving raw material to distributing finished products to customers. TNT Logistics also manages and controls transport. The value of the contract is 6 million Euros (R$ 20 million).

TNT Logistics plans to invest approximately 700.000 Euros (R$ 2.5 million) in operations and technology during the first semester of2005 to support Samsung SDI. The partnership has required hiring 90 employees.

Guilherme Bastos, Samsung's Strategic Resources Operations (SRO) manager, expects that in the first phase of the partnership with TNTLogistics will lead to optimised production processes and significant cost reductions in logistics - around 30% - as well aseliminate hidden logistics costs.

The High Tech sector is one of TNT Logistics' target sectors with operations for Electronics manufacturers in all parts of the world.

About TNT Logistics

TNT Logistics, a division of TNT N.V., is a leading global logistics company. It designs, implements and operates complex supplychain solutions on a national, regional or global scale for medium to large enterprises. Through its freight forwarding unit itprovides air and sea freight services within an international network.

TNT Logistics employs appr. 40,000 people, who are operating in 40 countries, managing over 8.5 million square metres of warehousespace. In 2004, TNT Logistics reported sales of €4.081 billion. The TNT Logistics web site address is: .

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