Press Release

TNT Logistics selects RedPrairie for Warehouse Execution System

Publish Date : 26 June 2006 at 13:19 CET -

TNT Logistics, a leading provider of supply chain logistics services, has selected RedPrairie Corporation for its warehouse execution software.

RedPrairie will be one of TNT Logistics WMS anchor applications as part of the Matrix technology suite, with a concentration for pan-European operations. The software will become part of TNT Logistics' portfolio to provide best-in-class technologies for logistics solutions.

Through the deployment of its Matrix TM supply chain execution system TNT Logistics extends visibility of material for its customers within their network of supply chain trading partners. Matrix TM integrates transportation and inventory management functionality in a single system to provide an “extended enterprise” view of the manufacturing supply chain

“This agreement leverages TNT Logistics' already positive experience with RedPrairie in theUK,” said Keith Goldsmith, CIO of TNT Logistics. “The software will run in a best-in-class Central European Datacenter environment. It will also help TNT Logistics to leverage its lean warehousing project by supporting high calibre operational processes in different market sectors. This will ensure faster and more seamless implementations of new operations.

RedPrairie is also very pleased with this contract. Martin Hiscox, RedPrairie International Leader and Managing Director says: 'The third party distribution marketplace puts the greatest demands on software suppliers. TNT Logistics requires the highest levels of quality, systems resilience, logistics functionality and reliability to meet the requirements of the mission critical operations of their customers. To meet this high expectation, RedPrairie focuses on ensuring local team delivery in local language, world class integrated products that increase efficiency and productivity, and 24 hour, 365 day support to guarantee continuous system availability. TNT Logistics' method of systems delivery is industry leading and RedPrairie are proud to be their partner.

Page publication date: 26 June 2006 at 13:19 CET