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Pandas arrive safe and sound in Madrid Zoo - TNT transportation of Bing Xing and Hua Zuiba a success

Publish Date : 10 September 2007 at 08:30 CET - Madrid, after a two day trip from Chengdu to Madrid the two giant panda bears, Bing Xing and Hua Zuiba, have arrived safe and sound in their new habitat in the Madrid Zoo. Here they will enjoy a two week rest in order to acclimatise and get used to their new home surroundings and be prepared to receive a warm, royal and overwhelming welcome in late September.

"Because TNT ensured that the pandas' strict living conditions were met throughout the entire journey from Chengdu to Madrid, this complex logistical operation was a success." explains Pedro Domínguez, Special Services Manager at TNT Spain. "TNT took a number of measures to ensure a comfortable ride for the pandas among which ensuring an optimal temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius throughout the journey, direct access for veterinarians during the entire transportation and close-circuit cameras installed to ensure the pandas well-being.

Video News Releases
The journey of the two panda bears has been captured on video and made available on the Newsmarket. Please visit . If you are a first-time user, please take a moment to register. In case you have any questions, please email .

More details and high resolution pictures of the panda's journey can be found on the website

Giant Panda Profiles
Male giant panda “Bing Xing”: Seven years old, 140kg. He is a good state of health and growth. Sexually mature and ready for breeding. Bing Xing weighs the most of all the pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. He is good tempered, cute, and loves playing and climbing.

Female giant panda “Hua Zuiba”: Four years old, 93kg. She is in a good state of health and growth. Her first ovulation took place this year, but she has not yet mated. She loves playing with other giant pandas.

Currently, the panda bears are in danger of complete extinction. Only 1,600 Panda bears are still living in freedom in China and 140 in different Zoos. The latter are the result of a special program that studies the reproduction in captivity of these animals in order to avoid their extinction. The Chinese Government supports these programs within China, since historically China has been the only country where reproduction in captivity has been successful. Nowadays, only seven countries have received pandas and of those only four succeeded in reproducing them in captivity, among which the Madrid Zoo.

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