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TNT Supervisory Board announcements

Publish Date : 19 February 2009 at 08:30 CET - Amsterdam, TNT N.V. today announced that the Supervisory Board will propose to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on 8 April 2009 (AGM) to appoint Ms P.M. (Nelly) Altenburg (1952) as new member of the Supervisory Board of TNT N.V.

Ms Altenburg (Dutch) worked for 17 years for various labour unions in the Netherlands, most recently as a member of the executive board of ABVAKABO FNV. She worked with the pension fund PGGM where she was a member of the board and subsequently with ABP as vice president of the board. Ms Altenburg currently is managing director of PMA Consult B.V. She holds supervisory board positions with Merck Sharpe & Dohm, MN Services, Koni B.V. and with a number of non-profit organizations.

Mr S. Levy, member of the Supervisory Board since 2005, will be nominated for reappointment. Mr J.H.M. Hommen, member of the Supervisory Board since 1998 and chairman of the Supervisory Board from 2005 until 31 December 2008 and Ms G. Kampouri Monnas, member of the Supervisory Board since 2005, will step down as per 8 April 2009.

In accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, the Supervisory Board will notify the AGM of its intention to reappoint Mr H.M. Koorstra as member of the Board of Management of TNT N.V. on 8 April 2009 for a new four year term. He has been a member of the Board of Management since 2000.

About TNT
TNT provides businesses and consumers worldwide with an extensive range of services for their mail and express delivery needs. Headquartered in the Netherlands, TNT offers efficient network infrastructures in Europe and Asia and is expanding operations worldwide to maximise its network performance. TNT serves more than 200 countries and employs more than 163,000 people. Over 2008, TNT reported €11.1 billion in revenues and an operating income of €982 million. TNT is officially quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. TNT recognises its social responsibility and has formed partnerships with the United Nations World Food Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme to fight hunger and pollution in the world. Our efforts are being recognised: in 2008 TNT again reached the highest score of all companies included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and in the Carbon Disclosure Project in the carbon intensive sector.

Page publication date: 19 February 2009 at 08:30 CET