CO2 Services

From environmental concerns to tangible action

TNT’s CO2 Services help customers to pro-actively address the environmental impact of their business. These services equip customers with knowledge and allow them to take action.

CO2 Report

Customers can choose the detail and frequency of reports, from a single page summary to a detailed data extract. The TNT CO2 report helps customers to identify ways to reduce CO2 and meet the compliance needs of their business. The system is externally verified by SGS against the leading European standard (EN16258).

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CO2 Neutral

Customers can ship their goods in a way that fully offsets any CO2 emissions. TNT calculates the emissions produced by their shipments and compensates with CO2 credits. TNT exclusively uses the highest quality ‘gold standards’ credits. Customers receive a yearly certificate specifying the amount of CO2 that TNT neutralised on their behalf, and they can use the TNT CO2 Neutral logo to show their commitment. The CO2 Neutral shipping process is externally verified by SGS.

New in January 2015: TNT is offering CO2 Neutral transportation for all domestic express consignments in Germany at no additional charge, to help businesses mitigate their environmental impact.


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CO2 and global supply chains

For customers with global supply chains, TNT offers a range of additional services; CO2 Quote to predict emissions of customers’ future business and CO2 Scenario to optimise CO2 around alternative supply chain models.


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