Our Strategy

This page provides an overview of TNT's strategy, Outlook, which targets substantial improvements in performance to meet TNT's stakeholders' needs.

builds on TNT's strengths, particularly the European Road Network and the company's large base of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers. 

Outlook  has three priorities:

Focus on profitable growth

in operational excellence

to win

Within each of these priorities we will develop several initiatives.


  • Move More by Road
  • Drive sales from four priority industries
  • Serve more SMEs even better
  • Increase profitability Domestics and AMEA

sharpens the focus on TNT's truly competitive services and on those customers for whom the company can provide the greatest value. This will be done by expanding the European Road Network to move more by road, by increasing the contribution from four priority industries (automotive, industrial, healthcare and high tech) and by serving more SMEs, even better. Separate attention is given to the profitability of TNT's domestic operations in France, Italy, the UK, Brazil, Chile and in the Pacific, with the implementation of specific strategies tailored to each individual market.


  • Realise the Perfect Transaction
  • Increase efficiency and productivity in Network Operations
  • Transform IT and Global Business Services
  • Prioritise Health & Safety practices

Realising the 'Perfect Transaction' is at the core of the company’s drive to improve end-to-end processes and to realise a step-change in service and reliability. The aim is to be the 'fastest and most reliable' and to provide an easy, hassle-free customer experience. Increased service reliability will also reduce avoidable costs. Alongside the Perfect Transaction, the company will optimise operational efficiency and productivity through process improvements and investments in automation and infrastructure. Transforming the IT function and expanding the scope of global business service centres will help drive productivity. A disciplined revenue management function has been developed to optimise pricing and capacity use. In Corporate Responsibility, priority is given to employee and subcontractor health and safety, with the accelerated roll-out of recognised industry best practices.



  • Local Customer Focus, Global Business Services
  • Strengthen leadership performance culture


Page publication date: 25 May 2016 10:15 CET