TNT Financial Reports

In this section you will find the TNT financial reports up to the acquisition by FedEx.

TNT no longer publishes its results separately. For more information, please see FedEx Investor Relations.

Annual Report 2015

2015 was a very important year in the history of TNT. A transitional year, in which the company took action to effect structural change, and secure a profitable and sustainable future for our company.

Yet, the biggest event of the year was the announcement of the intended acquisition of TNT by FedEx Corporation (FedEx). Although not initiated by TNT, the Executive Board fully supported this transaction, as TNT and FedEx share a commitment to serve customers and deliver value for stakeholders.

Together, TNT and FedEx will create a leading global company providing logistics, transportation and express delivery services. Customers will enjoy access to an enhanced, integrated global network, combining TNT’s strong European capabilities with FedEx’s strength in other regions globally.

Annual Report 2015 (pdf)

Individual chapters:
1 - Overview 2015 and strategy
2 - Business performance 
3 - Corporate responsibility performance 
4 - Governance 
5 - Statements 
6 - Investor relations and share price performance 


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