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    TNT Express exceeds female board quota

    Recognition Management
    10 September 2012 - TNT Express is the only listed company in the Netherlands to meet the 30 per cent female boardroom quota recommended by the Dutch authorities. Women currently account for 38 per cent of executive and supervisory board members of TNT Express, compared to an average of 10.4 per cent for Dutch listed companies (as of 31 August 2012). This is one of the conclusions of the "Dutch Female Board Index 2012", which was published on 8 September by Mijntje Lückerath-Rovers, a professor of corporate governance at Nyenrode Business University. The study shows that the number of women on the supervisory boards of the 96 public Dutch companies has increased by nine. Yet there was no increase in the number of female executive directors. According to the survey, more than half of the Dutch listed companies (52 per cent) still do not have any female board member.

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