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TNT Fast News gives an overview of international and national TNT corporate news from all operating units: new services, linehauls, and environmentally responsible initiatives, as well as external awards and recognition.

    TNT Express' top drivers compete in Germany

    Fleet Sustainability

    2 October 2012
    – TNT Express' best drivers from 20 countries will compete this week in Grevenbroich, Germany, during the finals of the company’s annual "Drive Me Challenge". 

    The express delivery industry is associated with speed. Yet speed is not what will matter most. The prize will go to the team of driver and co-driver that demonstrates the best eco-safe driving techniques and customer service. Their skills will be tested on a circuit that recreates real world tasks, such as collecting and delivering multiple parcels under tight deadlines.

    Drivers will also be tested on their health knowledge by North Star Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation which offers health and safety services to truck drivers in East and Southern Africa. Volkswagen will provide the vehicles (VW Crafter 30/35 vans) and Lysanda will provide the on-board technology to measure fuel consumption.

    In its six years of existence, the Drive Me Challenge has become a major event within TNT Express with drivers travelling long distances to take part. "I’ll be coming from +40 degrees Celsius so the cold weather will be a welcome relief", said Murray Henderson, the Australian finalist. "I have never been to Europe, I expect to have a splendid trip and an opportunity to meet other TNT drivers", said Macdonald Saasa of South Africa.

    Besides its motivating effect, the Drive Me Challenge has helped TNT Express engage drivers on the importance of road safety, driver health, fuel efficiency and excellent customer service.

    See the DriveMe Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.

    TNT Express scores high on sustainability index

    Recognition Sustainability
    14 September 2012 - TNT Express scored 87 points out of a possible 100 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2012 published yesterday. The company achieved a 100 per cent rating in the following areas: fuel efficiency, risk and crisis management, environmental policy/management system and human capital development.

    In recent years, TNT Express has reoriented and decentralised its corporate responsibility programmes to make them part of daily operations. The priorities are to protect employees – for instance, by working to prevent road accidents – and to maximise operational efficiency. TNT Express encourages fuel-efficient driving through an in-company competition called Drive Me. With its City Logistics project, TNT Express is testing several methods to make zero emission deliveries in congested city centres. Joining forces in mutually benefiting partnerships, such as with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), remains the third pillar of TNT Express’ corporate responsibility efforts. 

    The DJSI is an international sustainability ranking system run by Dow Jones, a leading supplier of stock market, financial and economic information, and SAM Group Holding AG, a Swiss investment group.

    TNT Express celebrates 10 years of partnership with WFP


    6 September 2012 –
    TNT Express is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its partnership with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). TNT has put its logistics expertise to good use: every year, WFP provides food aid to 90 million people a year.  The partnership takes several forms, starting with hands-on support when emergencies strike. In 2011, for instance, TNT Express delivered 68,000 blankets to Japanese people displaced by the tsunami and nuclear emergency. In the same year, TNT Express airlifted 50 tons of food to Nairobi for distribution in neighbouring Somalia. TNT’s contribution also includes knowledge transfer, awareness campaigns, and fundraising projects, such as the annual “Walk the World” charity walk. The proceeds of this event have allowed WFP to provide school meals to 120,000 children over the pasty ten years.

    TNT’s partnership with WFP, known within the company as “Moving the Word”, has proven to be very popular amongst employees, several of whom assisted WFP on the ground in Africa, Asia or Central America. TNT Express has created a micro-website to thank them.

    TNT goes to extra lengths to boost capabilities

    Fleet Operations Sustainability
    5 July 2012
    - TNT is to be the first express delivery company to trial new longer trailers on UK roads as part of its daily operations. The 15.65-metre trailers – two metres longer than the standard semi trailers currently in use – will allow TNT Express to carry a 15% greater payload, significantly improving its efficiency and capabilities for customers.

    The trailers will be introduced on TNT’s route between its main UK hub at Kingsbury, in Staffordshire, and the Llantrisant depot in Mid-Glamorgan, Wales.  The trial is part of a Government initiative within the transport and logistics industry, which authorises the use of longer trailers for the next 10 years.

    "In days of high fuel prices, these innovative, modern trailers offer exceptional loading capacity and space utilisation to keep freight costs down to a minimum," said Simon Harper, Director of Operations TNT Express Services UK & Ireland. “With bigger loads on each vehicle, we will cover fewer miles per volume of parcels which will help with fuel consumption and reduce our CO2 emissions," added Simon.

    The trailers incorporate other innovative features to further reduce tyre wear and fuel usage such as the ability to raise the centre axle which only deploys if the load weight on either of the other two axles exceeds 90% of the permitted axle load of 9 tonnes.

    TNT launches new, simple, sustainable packaging

    Operations Sustainability

    26 April 2012
    – Today, TNT Express is presenting its new packaging line at the Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Summit in London. Customers will find the redesigned packaging – which includes envelopes, satchels and corrugated boxes – simple, safe, and easy to use. The new items are globally standardised, ensure higher resistance to damage due to innovative folding methods and stronger glue, and provide increased security for customers’ goods as an alternative to their own packaging. The new packaging line also uses less material and ink, therefore contributing to the environment and lowering production and waste-related costs.

    The redesigned packaging range will be integrated into the TNT sales proposition and progressively replace TNT’s current packaging worldwide.

    TNT tests the electric Renault Kangoo Z.E. in Paris

    Fleet Sustainability

    5 April 2012
    – TNT Express is testing the new Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. for inner city deliveries in Paris. This 100% electric Renault offers a capacity of 3 m³ and is able to drive up to 130 km on a single charge. The one-month test will show TNT how the Kangoo Van Z.E. works in real operation conditions.

    TNT Express France already operates 38 alternative fuel vehicles, including 8 electric vehicles, 22 electric tricycles and 8 biodiesel vehicles.

    TNT Express takes the fast train to London

    Operations Sustainability

    20 March 2012
    – TNT Express will today take part in the operational test of a high-speed freight train service between Lyon, Paris and London. The train, which has the capacity of 7 Boeing 737 cargo planes, will leave Lyon-St Exupéry airport at 16.42pm CET. After an intermediate stop at Roissy (Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport), it will arrive at St. Pancras International Station in London on Wednesday morning. The experiment is part of the Euro Carex project, which aims to put more express freight on rail, using the European high-speed rail network. Formed in March 2009, Euro Carex (for Cargo Rail Express Association) brings together rail and airport operators, public authorities and major air freight carriers. Eurotunnel and the airports of Roissy, Lyon, Liege, Amsterdam and London are all members of the initiative. Through its active membership of Euro Carex, TNT Express intends to further investigate the customer, cost and environmental benefits of multimodal transport. Euro Carex is working to develop an air-rail network for time-sensitive freight traffic between European cities within a radius of 300 to 800 kilometres.

    TNT Express achieves 6% fuel savings with aerodynamic trailer tail

    Fleet Sustainability

    20 January 2012 – Using an aerodynamic trailer tail can cut truck fuel consumption by 6 percent. This is the result of a five month test performed by TNT Express in the Netherlands. TNT tested a trailer equipped with “EcoTail”, a foldable and retractable rear wing produced by the Dutch company Ephicas. TNT drove the vehicle every day between the towns of Ede and Duiven, which are separated by a distance of 26 km. The tests showed 1.65 liter of fuel saved per 100 km travelled at a maximum vehicle speed of 50 mph. Partner company Ephicas sought permission from the 'Dienst Wegverkeer' (RDW, the Dutch road traffic authority) to be able to run the TNT Express test program, since there is no length exemption for aerodynamic devices in the Netherlands.  After safety tests, the RDW allowed a temporary exemption.


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