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    TNT delivers emergency shipment for baby walrus


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    8 August 2014
    – On Friday, July 25, TNT was asked by Vet-I-Pharma to urgently deliver a formula milk product to Hagenbeck Zoo in Hamburg, Germany. The formula milk was needed for a baby walrus  – the first ever born in a German zoo – that didn’t gain enough weight and would have died without the extra milk. A TNT courier delivered the product to the zookeeper before 9 a.m. on Saturday morning, and the baby walrus is by now doing well.

    Vet-I-Pharma BV (Deurne, NL) is a trading company that offers medicines and special food products for animals, among which a broad range of formula milk products. By mixing different formulas it is possible to compose a product that closely resembles the natural milk of the animal’s mother.


    Somfy chooses TNT Express for its deliveries to the UK and Scandinavia

    Customer Services

    27 May 2014 - TNT Express has been selected by Somfy to transport parcels and pallets from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

    Somfy, which provides motors and controls for rolling shutters, shades, blinds and other home or building appliances, has recently decided to streamline its supply chain to reduce costs. The company merged warehouses in northern Europe and transformed its Hoofddorp warehouse, close to Amsterdam, into a central distribution centre. TNT Express was asked to assist in the process change and provide an efficient supply line to the UK.

    The new setup broke even for costs three months later. This is partly because, as Somfy expected, shipping pallets rather than boxes allowed for optimised inventories and economies of scales.

    “Somfy faced the challenge of centralising distribution from a large single warehouse in the Netherlands. The combination of TNT Express’ dedicated customer service and integrated solution for shipments to the UK and Scandinavia contribute to cost savings,” says Mr. Mylemans, Logistics & Customer Services Manager at Somfy.

    TNT Express all set for Cannes 2014


    12 May 2014
    - TNT Express will ensure a dedicated service to film professionals in Cannes, France, during the international Marché du Film (14-23 May). Hosted at the same time as the Festival de Cannes, this annual event attracts 10,000 people, including producers, theatrical distributors, sales agents and festival programmers.

    Four TNT Express representatives will be available at the TNT booth inside the Palais des Festivals to coordinate the delivery of booths and exhibition items. They will also assist with the shipping of documents and DVDs collected during the fair, both domestically and internationally. Extra precautions will be taken to ensure security of the freight.


    Express deliveries for horse breeding firm

    Customer Services

     Photo: Cyrille Gibot

    8 May 2014 - TNT Express is about to celebrate ten years of working for Eurogen, a leading provider of equine semen freezing storage and distribution services. Based in Carentan, in the French Manche district, Eurogen trusts TNT for all deliveries of cooled or frozen semen.

    The region of lower Normandy (Basse Normandie) is renowned for its horse industry. The region collects and distributes equine semen throughout France, particularly during the natural breeding season of the horse, between March and August.

    To guarantee the cold chain and secure the samples, Eurogen and TNT use cooling packaging. Cooled semen is transported in qualified insulated bags and always delivered the next day. Frozen semen is transported in liquid nitrogen dry shipper containers.

    In 2013, TNT Express delivered 3,700 shipments of equine semen in France for Eurogen. The first months of 2014 are showing an increase compared with the same period of last year.


    TNT Express and FHI join efforts to facilitate Dutch high tech exports

    Customer Services

    15 April 2014 - TNT Express and FHI, the federation of Dutch technology industries, have signed an agreement to facilitate Dutch high tech exports. According to a recent poll among FHI’s member companies, a majority (61.8 percent) already export their products or services, compared with 10% of Dutch companies overall. Germany and Belgium are the main export partners. FHI’s members, who operate in industries such as medical technology, industrial electronics and industrial automation, also see growth opportunities in the UK, China and the US. About 17 percent of the companies polled manufacture overseas, but are "re-shoring" back to Europe.

    FHI's 650 member companies may take advantage of special offers from TNT Express when shipping abroad.

    The results of the poll are available here.

    Willem Prinsen, MD TNT Express Benelux (L) shakes hands with Kees Groeneveld, FHI, on 7 April 2014


    TNT Express' service to Russia unaffected

    Services Operations

    January 24, 2014

    TNT Express continues to offer its international delivery service to and from Russia without additional restrictions. Customers can continue to use all our services as normal. TNT Express strictly complies with all customs rules and regulations.


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