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    TNT rolls out bikes in Turin

    Fleet Services Sustainability

    3 November 2015
     - TNT Italy last week introduced five cargo bikes to make small parcel deliveries in Turin’s city centre. The bikes are replacing three vans previously used for delivery in the restricted traffic area of the town’s centre. The solution is expected to provide the same level of productivity, while cutting CO2 emissions by 50 kilo a day, or 12.6 tons a year.

    Each bike can carry up to 180 kg including the rider. Each rider has been trained to cycle an average of 28 km per day and make about 90 daily deliveries. The cargo bikes have been designed and are operated by Pony Zero, a Turin start-up. TNT has made bike deliveries in Milan since April 2015. The company also uses electric tricycles in Padua and Vicenza, as part of its city logistics solutions.


    TNT’s drivers compete in international eco-driving challenge

    Fleet Sustainability

    7 October 2015 - TNT will hold its annual ‘Drive Me Challenge’ eco-driving competition at the renowned Balocco Proving Ground near Turin, Italy on 9 October 2015. This event encourages safe and fuel-efficient driving practices and will test the skills of pick-up and delivery, forklift and linehaul drivers.

    TNT’s best drivers from 11 countries and European Road Network entity have been selected to participate in the final Drive Me challenge, which simulates daily driving on the job. In addition to delivering their parcels quickly and in perfect condition, contestants must drive safely with minimum fuel consumption to reduce CO2 emissions, all in unusually tough conditions. Each team is evaluated on road safety, customer experience, fuel efficiency and driving skills.

    Martin Sodergard, Drive Me Challenge Sponsor and Managing Director Global Network Operations said: "The Drive Me Challenge recognises drivers’ extensive contribution to the company’s Outlook strategy to improve efficiency and productivity by rewarding their safe and eco-driving techniques and their essential role in customer experience. CO2 efficiency is a key part of TNT’s environmental programme and the Drive Me Challenge evaluation criteria are being implemented throughout the company to measure and manage driver performance."

    The Drive Me Challenge is organised with IVECO, TNT’s partner providing the 14 vehicles that will be used during the event. Jungheinrich will provide the three forklift trucks and HRX, a specialist in technical solutions for automotive testing, will manage all the organisational aspects of the competitions. 


    TNT launches bike delivery service in Milan

    Fleet Sustainability

    30 April 2015
    - TNT Italy has launched a bike delivery service in Milan’s city centre - five bicyclists responsible for ensuring deliveries within Milan’s Area C, a designated traffic restricted zone. TNT’s fully human powered bicycles will replace the four vans that formerly served the area, generating an overall CO2 reduction between 50 and 80kg per day. The service was inaugurated at the end of April by Pierfrancesco Maran, Mobility Councillor for the City of Milan.
    Each biker will travel an average of 20km each day, approximately 5,000km per year. Making nearly 80 stops daily, these extra fit bikers will maintain a level of productivity similar to previous levels achieved by traditional vans. TNT’s Bike Delivery Service uses “Fixie” bicycles, or bikes with fixed gears, provided by BH Bikes. These bikes are light (12kg), practical and easy to drive in the congested downtown area.
    This initiative is part of TNT’s strategy to increase both efficiency and productivity in complex urban environments, while providing eco-friendly transport solutions for last mile deliveries. It also supports the company’s ambition to reduce its CO2 emissions. The Bike Delivery Service in Milan is the first step of a wider bike and e-bike project TNT Italy will implement in other cities in Northern Italy including Turin, Monza and Bergamo.

    The Bike Delivery Service is the newest addition to TNT Italy’s current green fleet of 115 methane vehicles and a variety of other eco-friendly vehicles including electric vans, scooters, cargo bikes and tricycles. TNT employs more than 2,700 people in Italy, where the company operates 100 hubs and depots.

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