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    TNT rolls out bikes in Turin

    Fleet Services Sustainability

    3 November 2015
     - TNT Italy last week introduced five cargo bikes to make small parcel deliveries in Turin’s city centre. The bikes are replacing three vans previously used for delivery in the restricted traffic area of the town’s centre. The solution is expected to provide the same level of productivity, while cutting CO2 emissions by 50 kilo a day, or 12.6 tons a year.

    Each bike can carry up to 180 kg including the rider. Each rider has been trained to cycle an average of 28 km per day and make about 90 daily deliveries. The cargo bikes have been designed and are operated by Pony Zero, a Turin start-up. TNT has made bike deliveries in Milan since April 2015. The company also uses electric tricycles in Padua and Vicenza, as part of its city logistics solutions.


    TNT delivers precious racing car from Germany to the US


    20 August 2015 – TNT Slovakia's Special Services team has recently taken care of the urgent delivery of a special race car, a prototype R1. The precious car was shipped from Frankfurt Airport (Germany) to Miami (US) at the request of Gryphon Racing.

    Gryphon Racing is a professional racing team based in Miami. It offers racing services, including team management, race car rental, technical support, race academy programs from amateurs to professionals and race car development and production.

    Next to speed and safety during the transportation, the smooth handling of the customs process was of key importance to the customer. TNT took care of all customs documents and clearance at US customs. The car was then safely delivered to its final destination at Gryphon Racing in Miami. Delivery of racing cars requires extreme caution. TNT successfully completed the delivery on time.


    TNT Spain launches Academy to help SMEs export

    Customer Services

    21 April 2015
    - TNT Spain has developed a 'TNT Export Academy' that offers Export Trade seminars to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) start exporting. This initiative is part of TNT Spain's 'Ayuda a exportar' programme, which includes a series of actions to support SME customers in growing their businesses internationally, in line with TNT's Outlook strategy to expand its SME customer base.

    The Export Trade seminars will begin on 23 April 2015. Ten seminars are planned during 2015, with each seminar limited to 35 participants. The courses will be given by a recognised professional expert in international trade. The seminars are free of charge, by invitation, for SME customers and prospects who are expecting to move into international markets. Each seminar is 40 hours long and includes five eight-hour modules in different areas of international trade: How to export - step by step, Incoterms and advanced international trade, Payment risks: how to increase payment guarantee, How to reduce costs on international trade, and How to increase security on international trade. The programme will be deployed in Madrid first and then in Barcelona.

    Materials and documentation prepared for the TNT Export Academy initiative,including videos of the seminars, will be made available on TNT Spain's webportal designed specifically to make international shipping easier for SMEs. Alongside booking services, the portal already offers a wide range of resources on international trade, from customs regulations to packaging tips.

    TNT employs more than 1,000 people in Spain, where the company operates 61 hubs anddepots.


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