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    TNT holds 10th edition of international eco-driving challenge


    7 October 2016 – TNT held the 10th edition of its annual safe and eco-driving competition - the 'Drive Me Challenge' - on 30 September 2016 at the Slovakia Ring near Bratislava, Slovakia. This event encourages safe, fuel-efficient driving practices and tests the skills of TNT’s pick-up and delivery, forklift and linehaul drivers, while promoting the well-being of its driver community.

    TNT's best drivers were selected from 13 countries across Europe and its European Road Network entity to participate in the Drive Me Challenge final. This friendly competition simulates the daily work of the drivers in each category, evaluating their speed, safety, precision and fuel efficiency. In addition to delivering their parcels quickly and in perfect condition, contestants must strictly adhere to all safely regulations in unusually difficult conditions.

    Winning drivers are awarded for their expertise, and the overall event is designed to educate all TNT’s drivers on safe and sustainable driving techniques and honor their valuable contribution to excellent customer service.

    Markus Huber, Senior Vice President Planning and Engineering Europe, comments on the value of the event: "Drivers are our ambassadors to customers, and they have a key role to play in making every customer experience outstanding. This flagship event recognizes our drivers’ extensive contribution to our business and supports our strategic aim to continuously improve our health and safety performance while minimizing CO2 emissions."

    The Drive Me Challenge has engaged nearly 16,000 of TNT's drivers during the past ten years, during both the local pre-round selections and final challenges.


    TNT offers CO2 neutral domestic express delivery in the Benelux

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    10 November 2015 – Starting this week, TNT offers its business customers a CO2 neutral shipping option for their documents and parcels within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, at no additional charge. This initiative will help SMEs and multinationals reduce their CO2 emissions.

    From now on, all TNT domestic shipments within one of these three countries will go through two steps: Firstly, TNT will measure how much CO2 emission is produced when transporting its customers’ consignments. Subsequently, TNT will neutralise this emission with an equivalent amount of Gold Standard CO2 credits.

    For international shipments a small fee is charged. Upon request, TNT can issue a yearly certificate on how much CO2 emission their shipments have produced and how TNT has neutralised this on their behalf.

    Kris Tirry, Team Leader MPC Group of MPC Industries underlines that CO2 efficiency is high on the agenda of TNT’s customers: “From our headquarters in Gorredijk, we ship millions of products to over 30 countries every year. For the selection of our new distribution channel earlier this year, we strictly checked whether the various transporters match our own corporate social responsibility philosophy. We are pleasantly surprised that TNT does enable us to put flesh on the bones of our own philosophy. It goes without saying that we are very satisfied with our new distribution partner.”

    CO2 neutral shipping is part of TNT’s extended range of CO2 services, which also includes tools to measure the emission history per customer and to model future emissions on that basis. After Germany, Benelux is the second European region where TNT offers CO2 services at no additional charge.


Page publication date: 05 January 2016 11:35 CET