Security Specialist

City Sofia

Purpose of Role:
To plan, develop and implement security awareness, loss prevention, and contingency programs and conduct investigations with the objective to ensure safety & security of TNT employees as well as TNT customers’ properties.

Reports to: South East Europe Security Manager

Job Description:

Key Accountability 1:
Protection Programs: Protects the Company, its customers and employees against loss through pilferage, theft or willful damage by utilizing the most effective security systems and conducting appropriate investigations to minimize risk.

Key Accountability 2:
Investigations: Conducts investigations into theft, pilferage, acts of vandalism, misconduct and other activities detrimental to the Company, its customers and employees, and to report and recommend on the appropriate course of action to be taken as a result of these investigations.

Key Accountability 3:
Employee Protection: Ensures that all courses of action followed involving employees are pursued in accordance with Company policies and procedures. Ensures that any course of action involving employees includes full recognition of individual rights as defined by law.
Develops and implements training and awareness programs as aids of achieving employee compliance with security programs.

Key Accountability 4:
Policies & Procedures: Assists in developing and enhancing current security policies and procedures to meet changing circumstances. Advises and assists in determining and auctioning current policy and procedures for the protection of customer goods, Corporate assets and information, employee property and the image of the Company.

Key Accountability 5:
Customer Experience: Liaises with customers on matters of security relating to their goods and ensure customer confidence in the organization’s ability to handle their business and to resolve any security matters that arise.

Key Accountability 6:
Regulatory/Law Enforcement liaison: Co-ordinates the investigation of security matters with various law enforcement agencies at local levels, whilst developing and maintaining liaison with these agencies to ensure prompt response to company needs.

Key Accountability 7:
Contingency Planning: Responds to crisis and emergency situations as required; maintains crisis management plans for all security -related scenarios in order to protect TNT employees including expatriates, assets and customer properties.

Key Accountability 8:
Operations Security: Performs security surveys; performs facility and aircraft ramp inspections as required; maintains systems and controls to prevent unauthorized access to TNT properties; maintains procedures to ensure integrity to proprietary and other sensitive information; liaises with management when necessary to assure security of all people and property in order to ensure that TNT maintains a safe and secure work environment for all employees and customers.

The successful candidate must have the following qualifications:
• Bachelor or Master Degree
• Fluent knowledge of English
• 1-2 years’ experience in Law enforcement or related area will be desired
• Excellent risk assessment capability
• Excellent research & evaluation skills
• Good influencing & persuasion skills
• Good knowledge of security regulations, investigations/interrogation techniques and security systems
• Required effective record keeping
• Good PC skills

Ако предложението представлява интерес за Вас, моля изпратете своята професионална автобиография и мотивационно писмо на английски език, на е-mail адрес, в който следва да посочите име и фамилия; телефонен номер; имейл адрес; данни за професионален опит; данни за образование и обучение; лични умения; говорими езици; комуникационни, организационни / управленски, професионални умения; данни за правоспособност за управление на МПС.

Най-учтиво Ви молим да не включвате други лични данни в автобиографията си. В случай, че желаете да ни дадете допълнителна данни или документи, моля да ги представите на интервюиращия Ви служител, който ще Ви ги върне веднага, щом се запознае с тях.

Конфиденциалността на личните Ви данни е гарантирана. Вашите лични данни ще се обработват за целите на процедурата по подбор на персонал от "ТНТ БЪЛГАРИЯ" ЕООД, действащо в качеството на администратор на лични данни при спазване на действащото законодателство за защита на личните данни.

*пълния информационен текст за ЗЛД  може да прочете тук.