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Non-electronic consignment (NEC)

Non-electronic consignment (NEC)

We have designed myTNT partly to ease the burden that extra precautions taken by the authorities in the current security climate may place on you. TNT is pleased to encourage our customers to ship Online using myTNT providing you with:

  1. Easier and faster registration process
  2. Simplified booking experience
  3. Quicker quote provision and overviews provided
  4. Personalised rate card

To get everyone on board with myTNT, we are introducing the Non Electronic Consignment Surcharge (NEC) Consignments which are booked without using TNT’s Electronic Shipping Tools are processed manually, and therefore an additional charge is applied. The NEC of AED 5.00 per consignment will apply to non-electronic bookings in the following import, export and domestic service categories: 
09.00 Express, 10.00 Express, 12.00 Express Express and Economy Express


To avoid NEC, please register and ship using myTNT. Click here to register now.  


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