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We ship industrial equipment


Just some of the industrial equipment we ship



Presses and stamps



Water jets

Drill presses

Laser tables

Agricultural machinery

Tips and notifications

Dangerous goods

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Many forms of industrial equipment are classed as dangerous goods

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t ship them.

Keeping industrial equipment operating often requires the use of chemicals that are classed as dangerous goods. Everything from welders to presses use a variety of solvents, gases and lubricants to keep them working smoothly – many of which are flammable.

There is no one standard procedure for shipping dangerous goods. It really depends on what you're shipping and the quantity. So get in touch with our experts – they will walk you through the shipping process.

Service info

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In a rush?

Although most equipment can be shipped within our regular network, we’re able to ship anything, anywhere and at any time if the need arises.

Even the heaviest of industrial equipment can still be shipped globally in time critical situations with our Charter Flights, Dedicated Vehicle and Same Day services.


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Take the time to sensibly pack your goods

Industrial equipment can often be heavy or irregularly sized – pack smart to avoid damage and delays.

Consider building a protective wooden frame around irregular or large and unpackaged palletised items. Also, use additional padding to protect any sharp edges that could be exposed.

Weight and dimensions

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How big is too big?

Depending on the service you want to use, the maximum permitted size and weight of shipments may vary.

While we can ship almost anything, some of our time-definite services have weight and volume restrictions depending on where you want to ship to. Where this is the case, our freight services offer a cost-effective solution for heavier and larger items.

Still not sure if we can ship your goods? Get in touch.

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