Other Additional Charges

Additional services with corresponding charges.

TNT has a number of fees and surcharges relating to your TNT account, Domestic, International and Sameday Time Critical shipments. All fees and surcharges are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and are GST exclusive. TNT reserves the right to introduce new and/or vary its fees and surcharges from time to time. Please contact your local TNT office for more information on our fees and surcharges

Account Surcharges & Fees

Account Service Fee
$9.50 (per invoice)

Minimum Weekly Trade (MWT)
Where the total of all charges and fees (excluding GST) on each invoice is less than $50.00, an MWT charge, equal to the shortfall will be applied (i.e. the invoice will total a minimum of $50.00 excluding GST).

Payment Processing Fee
A payment processing fee applies where a payment is made by Visa, Mastercard or American Express, Diners Club cards are not accepted.


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