Dangerous goods

How to ship hazardous materials safely

Our global network includes specialists with expertise in handling different types of dangerous goods and hazardous materials for shipment by road and air.

Dangerous goods include any hazardous chemicals, articles and substances capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or the environment.

By working together to meet all applicable regulations and procedures, we can safely handle shipment of many types of dangerous goods to support your business needs.

It is your responsibility to correctly declare the contents of your shipment and ensure they are properly packed, marked, labelled and accompanied by the correct documentation in compliance with all regulations applicable in the countries of origin, transit and destination.  

Dangerous goods that we can accept for shipment are:

  • Lithium batteries
    TNT offers worldwide delivery of shipments containing lithium batteries and equipment containing lithium batteries.
    > Download guidance for shipping lithium batteries
  • Biological substances, Category B (UN3373)
    To support the healthcare industry, we offer worldwide service for Category B biological substances.
    > Download applicable regulations and restrictions
  • Dry ice
  • Fully regulated dangerous goods (including Radioactive material)
  • Dangerous goods in limited quantities
  • Dangerous goods in excepted quantities
  • Radioactive material

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