Get started with international shipping

Ship internationally in 5 easy steps


1. Check customs regulations

Not having the relevant knowledge to navigate customs can cause delays to your shipments and cost you money. Make sure they are sent with the relevant paperwork, including a complete and comprehensive commercial invoice.

2. Fees and tariffs

Goods sent internationally are often subject to fees from customs. Since these vary according to the destination and the shipment value, make sure you are fully aware of what you or the receiver will have to pay.

3. Find out what you can’t ship

Many countries have strict controls on what can enter or leave the country, with goods running the risk of being held or destroyed for non-compliance. Be sure that what you want to ship is not restricted, prohibited or in violation of international sanctions.

4. Pack smart

Ensuring your goods are packed correctly reduces the risk of delays and damage during transit. It is worth taking the extra time to pack and label your shipment as well as making sure it is compliant with country-specific regulations. 

5. Book your shipment

You're almost there! Choose a TNT service that suits you and arrange a collection time. You can track your shipment through Track & Trace.

Go global for real growth


Shipping to Asia can be a critical step for businesses around the globe. With a population of 2.7 billion people in India and China alone, many of whom make up part of a rapidly growing middle class, it is no surprise that the East has become a focus for exports. Businesses have already recognised the exploding demand for luxury goods, specialist equipment and raw materials – a trend that isn’t set to change any time soon.


As a diverse continent with a huge demand for goods from other countries, exporting to Europe can expand the reach of your business exponentially. Furthermore, the advanced transport infrastructure and common EU import regulations make it easier to ship to than other markets. With EU member states making up five of the top ten largest consumer economies, Europe remains an extremely safe bet.


Comprising a huge established consumer economy in the North with one of the world’s most rapidly growing economies in LATAM, America can be a diverse and lucrative market for businesses looking to grow their exports. A boom in demand for luxury goods in Mexico and Brazil in particular has made the American market very attractive for exporters.

International shipping FAQs