Shipping your goods

Wondering if we can ship your goods? Take look at the different categories below.

Restricted and prohibited goods

While some goods are restricted by specific regulations, that doesn’t mean we can’t ship them. This depends on the type of goods, the quantity and the destination. Different countries have their own rules on what can and can’t cross the border, so you must inform us if you want to send anything that’s classed as a restricted item.

Types of dangerous goods

Lithium batteries

If packed incorrectly or damaged in transit, lithium batteries can short-circuit, causing them to overheat and catch fire.

Sprays and aerosols

The compressed gas that makes these items work is hazardous and can explode if packed incorrectly.

Paints and varnishes

Oil-based paints, spray paints and some varnishes can overheat and catch fire in certain conditions.


Alcohol, which is a flammable substance, is also a crucial ingredient in almost all perfumes and colognes.

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