Enhanced liability

For total peace of mind 

We take the utmost care with every shipment. But some circumstances are simply beyond our control. Enhanced liability covers the full value of your goods against all risks


Choose TNT's Enhanced Liability to cover the declared value* of your shipment

At TNT, our business is to ensure that your shipment, whether it’s a pallet, parcel or document, arrives on time and in perfect condition, every time. We take this responsibility seriously. Even though we always take the utmost care with your shipment, circumstances can occasionally occur that affect the delivery. That’s why TNT Enhanced Liability covers the declared value* of your shipment.

When you choose TNT Enhanced Liability you get:

Compensation up to the declared value* of your shipment in case of loss or damage.

Coverage for almost all types of goods and documents available across more than 200 countries and locations worldwide.

Compensation example:

Understanding the difference between the coverage you receive with TNT Enhanced Liability and our Standard Liability is easiest by way of example.

TNT carries a shipment of computer appliances, weighing 10 kilograms, from Frankfurt to Auckland by air. Unfortunately, the shipment is completely damaged along the way. The customer files a claim for €5000 (the declared value of the goods).

If you do not purchase Enhanced Liability


Filing a claim

You can find the procedure for making a claim in Clause 19 of our Terms & Conditions. In the unlikely event your shipment is lost or damaged, please notify us in writing within 21 calendar days after the shipment was delivered or should have been delivered.

High risk goods

Some goods have a higher than normal risk of theft or damage, and are subject to approval prior to being covered. Contact Customer Service on 3308677 to check whether it is possible to cover any of the following high risk goods:


  • Hazardous goods
  • Bulk goods
  • Livestock, bloodstock and living creatures
  • Precious metals or stones, jewellery and watches
  • Antiques and objects of art
  • Documents, money or valuable paper
  • Breakables, such as glass, bottles, etc.
  • Architectural models and prototypes
  • Tobacco, cigarettes and spirits
  • Firearms, weapons and ammunition
  • Perishable goods carried in a cargo space controlled by mechanical equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Charity goods or humanitarian aid
  • Furs and fur garments
  • Laptop computers
  • Plasma and LCD screens


TNT Enhanced Liability does not cover some costs or events, such as:

Consequential costs (costs that arise as an indirect result of the incident)

Customer’s or third parties’ omission, such as breach of customer’s obligations as defined in TNT’s Terms and Conditions, (for example, inadequate packaging or incorrect instructions)

Shipment contents consisting of any prohibited items, even though TNT may have accepted the shipment

*The declared value is the value described on the applicable commercial invoice. Enhanced Liability is limited to NZ$750 for documents and non-document cover exceeding €25,000 requires the prior written approval of TNT

**NZ dollar rate valid as at March 2013.

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