See below for more information on working with TNT Same Day as a courier.

Frequently asked questions

Q  What are the rates of pay?

A  Rates are based on round trip mileage. This would be be discussed when we meet you.

Q  How will I receive payment?

A  Payment is received via a BACs into your bank account, normally two weeks from the date of the invoice.

Q  Can I use a car?

A  No, a plain white van or motorbike must only be used, ideally less than 4 years old.

Q  What insurance do I need?

A  Your policy schedule/certificate must state courier.

Q  Can I work for any location?

A  Yes, once you are approved by one location you then become part of the National Same Day Subcontractor Fleet.

Q  Am I employed by TNT?

A  No, you are a self employed courier driver and can offer your services to who you wish.