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Ecommerce Tips:

Advice for Improving your E-commerce Business

As the fastest growing retail market in the world, e-commerce businesses are really booming at the moment. With online retail sales in the UK this February up 18% on last year and up to a staggering £8.9 billion, there’s no better time than now to focus on improving your e-commerce business even further.

So what things can you do to improve your e-commerce business and expand this year?

Test drive your website

If your business is already thriving and you don’t think there’s much more you could do to be anymore successful, reviewing how user friendly your website is and checking out what the competition are offering is a great start. Test out your website against a competitor and see how easy yours is to use and whether or not there’s anything you could do to improve this.
The website is the main way of attracting your customers to buy your products. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How visually appealing is it?
  • Could your product descriptions do with updating?
  • Are pricing and delivery details clear?
  • Are all your images high resolution and do they show your products off at their best?
  • How easy and quick is it to make a purchase?

Online clothing businesses can really improve their business by photographing clothes on models rather than on the hanger, as customers prefer seeing how an item hangs on a body. Consider whether it’s worth making small video clips of your products - again this is especially effective in retail where the way clothes move can influence whether someone buys a product or not. Working with experts in fashion logistics can also ensure your clothing items can be delivered either “flat pack” to a customer or as hanging garments for an event.

Look at your brand on all mobile devices

As online shopping is so popular, shopping on all devices has increased. Not only do you have to think about how easy it is for customers to shop using their laptop or computer, now you also have to consider what your website looks like on a mobile phone or tablet too. Consider whether it’s worth developing an app to make mobile shopping much more convenient or whether you need to spend any more time developing they way that your website looks across different devices.

Focus on your social media

Investing in your digital marketing campaigns is crucial to improving your online business. By generating lots of natural links to your sites on blogs and websites you’ll get so much more traffic directed to your site, meaning more sales. Build up your social following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to make a bigger name for your brand. By running competition giveaways and sharing interesting posts you’ll build up a bigger social following, raising brand awareness and reaching a larger range of new customers.

Being prolific on social media also has a negative edge. If you do receive any customer complaints via Twitter or Facebook they’re very visible for other customers to see and they could easily be put off shopping with your business. This means you have to have someone monitoring these channels at all time to be able to quickly respond to any negative customer feedback and make it into a positive shopping experience for the customer.

Offer flexible delivery options

With shopping online being more popular than ever before businesses are focusing on making their delivery options quicker, more flexible and customer friendly to reflect this. A good way to improve your e-commerce business is by choosing to work with an experienced courier service like TNT who offers a wide range of flexible and convenient delivery options. With everything from same day to international delivery services available, working with an experienced courier means that you now have the option to offer your customers a much more comprehensive range of services which fits around their lifestyle.

Working with a reputable delivery company not only means your customers receive their parcels faster, it also promotes a better and more professional image of your business when a delivery turns up in great condition in a professional delivery van driven by a friendly driver.

Offer a range of payment options

As well as enjoying the flexibility of having a range of delivery options available it’s also helpful if customers can choose the way they’d like to pay for products too. If you only take debit card payments, why not consider offering PayPal and credit card payment options to make it easier for customers to make payments from which ever account they choose.

These are just some of the many ways you can improve your e-commerce business. With e-commerce being a faceless industry a lot of the time, the key thing to remember is to always be thinking about how you can best create a personal and special shopping experience for your customer. Things like personally addressed emails thanking customers for their order, delivery time notifications and communication of deals and offers all help to improve the overall success of your e-commerce business.