Same Day Delivery

Collection and delivery the Same Day, 24/7/365.

We’ll keep your urgent promises and ensure Same Day delivery anywhere in the UK. On any day of the year, at any time, no matter how big, small, light or heavy, we’ll keep the wheels moving for you, today. As the UK’s trusted courier, TNT’s Same Day service is fast, reliable and easy to use.


If you have something that is out of the ordinary – whether it is same day parcel or letter delivery, highly valuable, requires special handling or extremely urgent – we can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs with our Same Day delivery services.

Same Day

AM Collection for delivery Same Day

When your goods need to be delivered on the same day, at a highly competitive price.

Same Day will offer:

  • AM collection (from 8am) and delivery Same Day, available Monday - Friday
  • Small van available
  • Cost effective solution from 90 pence per mile

Same Day Timed


I need it there by a specific time

When you need a timed solution to meet a critical delivery deadline - Available Monday - Friday.

Same Day Timed will offer:

  • Consolidated timed delivery service
  • Small van available
  • Instant proof of delivery

Same Day Dedicated

I have valuable goods to send

When you need the most secure and fastest possible route for deliveries nationwide - Available 24/7/365.

Same Day Dedicated will offer:

  • Dedicated vehicle
  • Two man delivery
  • Bespoke solutions

How to book a Same Day shipment







Call us today to arrange a Same Day delivery, obtain a quote or see how we can help you and your business deliver urgent shipments.




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Where ever you are in the UK, our Same Day service options provides you with fast, reliable, collection and delivery of your shipments.




TNT Same Day Online

It’s now even quicker to get a quote or book a Same Day shipment than ever before, with our new online booking platform!

Get started today: 

  1. Register to TNT Same Day online. This will need to be created in order to use our Same Day booking tool.

    Request a TNT Same Day account.

    Your log in details will be created by our team and sent to you as soon as possible.

  2. Log in to the TNT Same Day online booking platform here.

We are proud to offer the best quality in UK Same Day delivery.

For further information or to arrange your Same Day Express Delivery call us on 03451 247 365.