Final mile delivery and logistics

Final Mile offers bespoke enhancement of our Express UK network.

Timeliness, speed and accuracy are all guaranteed with the last mile delivery service we provide. Last mile logistics can pose a number of problems for both the courier and customer, but at TNT we have an excellent delivery network in place, with the team and expertise to ensure every final mile delivery arrives on time and in great condition.

Final mile delivery is a useful service for both individuals and businesses. It offers the most cost-effective and efficient way to get your products to their final destination, whether they’re being sent across the UK or abroad.

Challenges and Solutions to the Last Mile

The main problem the final mile presents for a lot of businesses is that the last leg of their supply chain is often a lot more expensive compared to the rest of the journey. This is because while a lot of parcels, packages and freight may be heading to the same port or destination, the final stop will be different for each.

Arranging for a final mile courier can therefore add a lot more to the costs for your company to send products out to clients and customers. Another common struggle for a lot of businesses is unattended deliveries, with most recipients being at work during weekdays and at other popular delivery times. It leaves parcels open to theft and weather damage, resulting in a bad reputation for the business.

At TNT we offer the most comprehensive last mile delivery services to ensure your parcels and packages reach their destination on time and in top condition. Whether you’re running an ecommerce start-up or a much larger exporting company, our last mile delivery services will be extremely beneficial.

TNT Final Mile Features

Final mile delivery is available for both domestic and international services. So whether you need an on board courier to get a package to a city address in London or a remote part of Germany, we’ve got you covered.


TNT final mile features include:

  • On board courier services to provide bespoke services
  • Dedicated vehicles in many areas so we can deliver earlier than 9am
  • Late collections from your business is available, outside of our normal operating times. If you need a last mile logistics service after 5:30pm, we can help.
  • Booked time slots. We will be able to give a more accurate delivery time.
  • Fast track courier to get your parcels delivered as quickly as possible, when required.

All of these features can be tailored to suit your business needs, whether you need something to make that final mile as quickly as possible or are seeking the most economical choice available.


Book Final Mile Services

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