Fuel surcharges

(In India)

Effective Fuel Surcharge Rate

3rd December - 30th December 2017 : 19.25%
29th October - 2nd December : 19.00%
1st October - 28th October : 18.50%
3rd September - 30th September : 18.00%

Please be aware that there will be a one month lag in the application of the index. For example, the monthly average price for Dubai Fateh Crude in April will be published during the second week of May and will be used to determine the applicable fuel surcharge in June.

TNT express’ fuel surcharge will be adjusted monthly in line with the change in Dubai Fateh Crude oil spot prices according to the following scale:

Effective January 1st 2018, the TNT fuel surcharge index table used to calculate the fuel surcharge will change.  See the January 1st 2018, fuel surcharge change.

Please check this website regularly for any updates.

Note: TNT reserves the right to change the fuel surcharge index and table without notice. Both the amount and duration of the surcharge will be determined at TNT's sole discretion.