International additional services & surcharges

Sending & receiving items worldwide 

There are always shipments that require a little more attention, whether than be extra documentation or special handling of some type. That’s why TNT offers a range of Additional Services to support you in these instances to ensure your shipment reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition. These services and their costs are detailed below.

Also detailed below are the costs of Surcharges that will be applied to your shipments. Surcharges differ to Additional Services in that they are costs that we incur on all shipments that are variable and out of control.


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Additional handling

For shipments that fall outside our normal dimensions or packaging guidelines. 




Handling categoryChargeExplanationLinks
Non-conveyable*€45.00The items weighs less than 30kg and exceeds one or more of the following dimensions 1.2m (l) x 0.7m (w) x 0.6m (h). Applies to both Express and Economy Services.>1.2m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.5m (h)
Exceeds dimensions*€55.00The item weighs less than 30kg and exceeds one or more of our standard operational dimensions.Express Services: >1.2m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.5m (h) Economy Services: >2.4m (l) x 1.2m (w) x 1.8m (h)
Non-stackable€150.00Any item that cannot be stacked on a pallet with other parcels or put into a cage.-

* Please note: Our charges are calculated on the basis of the customer declared or actual weight/dimensions. The volumetric (or dimensional) weight in kilograms is used to calculate charges only if it exceeds the declared or actual weight.


Additional services

For shipments that require extra time, effort or paperwork

Account Number Change€25.00 per consignment - to a maximum value of €250.00 per invoiceApplies to export consignments where the customer requests a change to the account number that their shipment is charged to.
Customer Service arranged import€10.00If you need additional support with your import our team of experts will manage the process for you by clearing customs and cover the necessary import duty.Imports arranged by you, via any of our online booking tools, incur no charge. For more information on these visit our Import Services page.
Express Import (receiver pays)€5.00Importing goods requires additional processing, for which we charge a flat-rate fee.
Non-electronic consignment note Non-electronic invoice



For international customers who prefer paper-based transactionsElectronic documentation incurs no additional charges. Find out more about our online booking tools such as myTNT.
Enhanced liability (minimum)1% of declared value of goods, €10 minimum.1% of declared value of goods, €10 minimum.More information
Residential Delivery€5.00TNT provides delivery services to business addresses as standard. Delivery to residential addresses incur an additional charge per shipment.
Resolved wrong address€7.50To cover the cost of staff time required to rectify the situation.
Remote area access€0.30 per kilo Minimum €15 Maximum €100Determined by post code or town name. For the additional fee we will collect and deliver in these areas.
Return to Shipper (effective from 29/3/2016)€15 if returned from a depot €25 if returned from a hubThe charge will apply in the following circumstances: As the sender you request that the shipment is returned to you; or The shipment cannot be exported due to incorrect or incomplete paperwork and after several attempts to contact you we are unable to complete the paperwork and have to return your shipment.
Receiver/Sender Pay (Effective from 29th March 2016)€25Applies to export consignments sent from Ireland when the sender changes the invoicing arrangements (i.e. if you originally send the shipment as the sender to pay but subsequently opt for the receiver to pay).
Book slot storage

€5.00/day up to 30Kg

€15.00/day up to 125Kg

€50.00/day for shipments > 125Kg

In case a shipment needs to be kept at destination depot on request of the receiver for more than a day, then a book slot storage fee will be applied to cover the storage cost incurred by TNT. The charge will start after one day upon goods received at the destination depot.

Dangerous goods

For consignments that pose a risk to our staff or other shipments.

Dry Ice€13.50This cargo is considered a hazardous material and requires special handling and transport.More information
Lithium Batteries€5.00This cargo requires special transport and handling services, in line with international regulations.More information
Dangerous or hazardous goods (general)€75.00Items that may pose a threat to TNT staff or other packages during transport.More information
Limited Quantities€20.00Applicable to shipments where each inner receptacle contains no more than 0.5 litres or 0.5 kg, and each complete package contains no more than 1 litre or 1 kg.In line with international rules on transportation of dangerous goods.
Excepted quantities for dangerous goods€5.00Applicable to shipments where each inner receptacle contains no more than 30 ml or 30 g, and each complete package contains no more than 500 ml or 500g.In line with international rules on transportation of dangerous goods.
Biological substances€10.00Category B (UN3373).In line with international rules on transportation of dangerous goods.


Mandatory charges that cover variable costs outside of our control, such as fuel fluctuations or security measures.

FuelView ratesWe cost this as a separate surcharge due to fuel price fluctuations and it is the simplest way to keep our tariffs transparent and fair.
Security€0.05 per kilo, min €0.50, max €10.These costs are part of our on-going efforts to protect your cargo from explosive devices and other illegal goods.