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International shipping

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You don’t need a commercial invoice

Paper and printed matter has no commercial value. That means documents like contracts, passports and invoices do not require a commercial invoice.

Service info

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Documents are always sent with Express

That means they’ll be with the receiver in 1-3 days.

Express not fast enough? Next Flight Out, Special Express or Onboard Courier are the services that can get your document where it needs to be even faster, or outside regular working hours.


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Take the time to label correctly

It could save you time and money in the long run. First, make sure to remove any old labels. Next, firmly affix new ones with the barcode clearly visible. If you don’t have any sticky paper, use a document pouch. Finally, it’s always worth putting a spare label in the box too.


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Have you thought of using a tube?

Using a tube is the best way to keep large documents free from creases, rips and any other damage.

Blueprints, charts and large posters can be placed into a rigid tube in order to protect them from folds and creases.

Still not sure if we can ship your goods? Get in touch.

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