Understanding your invoice

Surcharges are additional charges that are mandatory and applicable to your TNT shipments.

When shipping consignments with TNT, the following surcharges apply: 

Fuel surcharge

Due to continuing fuel price fluctuations, TNT applies an index-based fuel surcharge to all shipments. This approach provides our customers with a transparent charging mechanism for fuel costs.

Out-of-area surcharge

We provide collection and delivery services virtually anywhere you require. For certain remote and less-accessible locations an additional out-of-area surcharge is applied to cover additional costs incurred.


Additional VAT for TNT collect shipments imported from Vietnam and Thailand (effective September 1, 2020)

From September 1, 2020, invoices for TNT shipments imported from Thailand and Vietnam will reflect an additional Value Added Tax (VAT), as below.

Origin of ShipmentDestinationAdditional VAT
ThailandWorldwideThailand 7% VAT
VietnamWorldwideVietnam 10% VAT

This change is being implemented to comply with the Tax regulations in Thailand and Vietnam, and is part of our continuous efforts to align FedEx Express and TNT policy globally.

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