Shipping with pallets

Perfect for shipping, storing and stacking bulky goods.

When do I need a pallet?

Most countries require you use a pallet if you're shipping something:

  • weighing more than 70 kg
  • larger than 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m

You can also use a pallet for smaller or lighter shipments. However, you will have to pay a surcharge if your pallet isn’t stackable. It’s also worth remembering that the dimensions and weight of your pallet will be added onto your shipping charge.

Are there different pallet sizes?

There are indeed. These are the main ones:

 European palletsAmerican palletsAustralian pallets
Length120 cm120 cm105 cm
Width80 cm100 cm105 cm
Height15 cm15 cm15 cm

We don’t mind which size pallet you use. We’ll collect and ship them from ground floor locations as long as they don’t exceed standard network limitations. If they do, they’ll be classed as awkward freight. However, it’s worth checking with your receiver whether they have a preferred pallet type.

What makes pallets so useful?

Pallets are the unsung heroes of the logistics industry. Here's why:

Faster deliveries

With the right equipment, it’s much quicker to move one pallet containing 30 boxes than it is to move 30 boxes individually.

Smarter storage

The uniform shape of pallets makes storage more efficient. Lots of warehouses rely on pallets for this reason.

Reassuring protection

As well as the strong base and protective wrapping, less manual handling means less chance of product damage.

Safe for workers

Unlike heavy boxes, people won't try and lift pallets. This means less risk of back injuries.

What makes a good pallet?

A good pallet is a well-packed pallet. Learn how to prepare the perfect pallet here.

For us, wood remains the best option. After all, it’s tough and reasonably priced. Avoid choosing the cheapest option – it will just cost you more in the long run.

Who provides the pallet?

Pallets are just another piece of shipping material, like a box or an envelope. Therefore, it’s up to you to source and pack your own. You can buy pallets from numerous specialist vendors. A quick google will give you lots of options.

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