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If you are a frequent shipper, we recommend our PC-based shipping software with a secure web connection to the TNT network for up to the minute pricing, tracking and information.

TNT ExpressShipper

Stay organised with a complete real-time overview of all your packages. TNT ExpressShipper is a PC-based shipping software that can be downloaded and installed on one or more workstations in your office. Ideal for businesses with a low-to-medium volume of shipments.

  • Check prices and book collections
  • Store & manage addresses
  • Prepare and print documentation 
  • Track shipments in real time
  • Email notifications to customers

TNT ExpressManager

For high-volume shippers, our shipping software integrates with your own internal systems for a streamlined process and user-friendly interface. Our team will analyze your specific shipping requirements and IT systems to customize the configuration of TNT ExpressManager for your business.

  • Fully scalable for single offices or multiple sites
  • Prepare and print bar-coded labels
  • Create templates for regular consignments
  • Generate batches of labels for identical shipments to multiple addresses
  • Consolidate similar shipments to reduce cost

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