Additional surcharges

Additional surcharges if your shipment requires additional or special handling.

Do you want your shipment to be handled with priority? Do you want an additional insurance for your valuable goods? Or does your shipment require additional or special handling? TNT offers several solutions to answer these questions. However, a surcharge applies to each of these additional services.

A surcharge applies to the following additional services:


Paper consignment notes and invoices

  • Non-electronic consignment note
    In case of a handwritten consignment note, the shipment data cannot be processed electronically by TNT. A surcharge will be applied for the manual processing of these data.
  • Non-electronic invoice
    TNT invoices are sent electronically as a standard. Should you require paper invoices, an additional fee applies.

Customs Services

Customs play an important role in the import and export process of goods. Our customs teams provide you with expert services to ensure your shipments follow a seamless process when it comes to customs clearance. We offer several customs services:

  • Drawing up ATR documents
  • Drawing up export documents for customs
  • Preparing temporary export / import document
  • Replacing T1 documents
  • Temporary (re)import
  • Carrying out customer instructions
  • Delivery with T1 document
  • Customs appeal cost

A surcharge applies to each of these customs services.


Dangerous goods transport

In accordance with international transportation regulations (IATA, ADR, etc.) we can transport and handle special goods and substances if these are on the list of approved goods and substances. For more details, check the Dangerous Goods page.

  • Dangerous goods
    A surcharge applies to the handling and the transport of shipments classified as approved dangerous goods.
  • Dry ice
    A surcharge applies to the handling and the transport of shipments containing dry ice (UN1845).
  • Limited quantities
    A surcharge applies to the handling and the (road) transport of dangerous goods in ADR limited quantities.
  • Lithium batteries
    A surcharge applies to the handling and the transport of lithium batteries.
  • Radioactive material
    A surcharge applies to the handling and the transport of radioactive material, in excepted packaging, class 7.

High value services



The ‘Priority’ option is available for our Express and Economy Express services. This option offers your customer and yourself more security, since the ‘Priority’ label identifies your parcel as such, so that it will be handled with priority throughout the entire network. Should your shipment need to be shipped with priority, just tick the ‘Priority’ option. As an extra service, our Customer Service will proactively monitor and follow up your ‘Priority’ shipment. A surcharge applies to this option.


TNT offers an additional insurance based on the value of your shipment. A surcharge applies to this service.

Additional handling of shipments

Does your shipment cannot be handled via the conveyor belt? Or do its measurements exceed our standard dimensions? These shipments require extra handling, at an additional fee.

Manual sorting

Shipments containing one or more items which weigh less than 30 kg and are non-palletised, but cannot be handled via our automated conveyor systems together with standard network shipments, for one of the reasons stated below:


  • One or more dimensions exceed the maximum dimension: 1.2 m (l) x 0.7 m (w) x 0.6 m (h).
  • Packaged or unpackaged tubes or cylinders which are not stable on the conveyor belt and therefore require manual handling.
  • Liquids in containers or bottles which are not stable on the conveyor belt and therefore risk to fall off and get damaged or cause damage to other shipments and/or harm operators.


Exceeding dimensions

If shipments are too large and too heavy to be processed automatically and not palletized a fee is charged. A shipment is too large and/or too heavy if:


  • The maximum dimensions are exceeded:
    - International Express shipments with destination in Europe: 1.2m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 1.5 m (H)
    - Economy shipments and domestic shipments: 2.4 m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 1.8 m (H)
  • The consignment weighs between 30 and 70 kg, is not palletised and require the intervention of more than one person or mechanical aids to handle the shipment safely.

Special handling of shipments

Do your shipments cannot be stacked or could cause injury? These shipments require special handling, at an additional fee.

  • Non stackable: shipments containing one or more items that are not stackable. This prevents us from making optimal use of our network capacity which may cost us more time to handle your shipment. This applies to both palletised shipments and non-palletised shipments.
    Examples of non-stackable freight (pdf)
  • Safety & health: shipments containing one or more items that could cause injury or damage other shipments and therefore require special handling.

Receiver pays

The shipment will be invoiced to the receiver. A receiver pays shipment can be arranged in 2 different ways: “import receiver pays” or “export receiver pays”.

Do you want us to invoice the receiver for the shipping costs? Tick the ‘Receiver Pays’ option and provide the receiver’s TNT account number. Please contact Customer Service if you do not know this account number.

Note: the client remains liable for all unpaid charges.

A surcharge applies to this service.


Residential delivery

The demand for deliveries to private addresses is growing. In order to satisfy your and your customer’s needs, TNT can deliver to private addresses against payment. A private address is a location that mainly functions as a house, including locations with a dual function, private and professional, and where no free access is possible.


Address correction and delivery

When TNT is not able to deliver a shipment because the sender provided an incorrect or incomplete address, we will spare no effort to find the right address and deliver the shipment as soon as possible. However, a surcharge applies to this service.