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It’s illegal to ship counterfeit copies of clothing brands

Make the effort to double-check the credentials of your clothing supplier.

If you’re caught shipping counterfeit branded goods, your shipment will be confiscated and you’ll face a heavy fine – or possibly worse. Be warned: ‘I didn’t know they were fake’ won’t cut it at the customs office.

International shipping

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Restrictions on shipping clothing vary from country to country

Some textiles contain materials banned in certain territories. For example, formaldehyde in Europe. You should also brush up on textile quotas and licensing requirements. Do you need a certificate to import that type of fabric?

Finally, there are many country-specific rules prohibiting or restricting the importation of animal products – above and beyond The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). For example, fur collar coats containing dog hair may be imported into Asia but not Europe.

The best place to get all this information is the relevant government website. Or just give us a call. We’ll be happy to help. 


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Roll, protect and box

Fabric can wear and tear on the road if it’s not packed properly. Save your fabric from creases, scuffs and even holes by rolling rather than folding. The tighter your roll, the more protected your fabric will be.

Finally, tape a bag over the top and pack the roll of fabric into a corrugated box.

Tax and surcharges

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Provide an accurate valuation of your clothes and fabrics

This means customs officials can work out what duties and taxes you owe.

You’ll also need to give a detailed description of your goods. For example, ‘blue, 80% cashmere, 20% cotton women’s sweaters’. Not, ‘warm blue sweaters’.

Be aware that undervaluing your goods will most likely result in a heavy fine.

Still not sure if we can ship your goods? Get in touch.

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