Additional Services

Additional services & corresponding charges


9.00 Express  Charge per con  = MYR120.00

10.00 Express Charge per con = MYR100.00

12.00 Express Charge per con = MYR75.00


You can opt for prioritised handling from collection to delivery.Your consignment will be clearly labelled with our Priority sticker.

MYR35.00 per consignment

Additional Handling
If you have shipments that are not suitable to be handled on our automated conveyor machinery ir if they exceed our standard operational dimensions, we will ship them with an additional fee to cover the additional handling cost.

MYR65.00 per consignment


Non-stackable shipment (SNS)

“If your shipments require special handling and resources because they cannot be stacked or could cause injury, we will ship them with an additional fee to cover the additional handling costs.
Non-stackable shipment: RM100 per cons.

Wrong Address (RWA)

“If a destination address provided by the sender is incomplete or incorrect and TNT is subsequently not able to deliver the shipment, TNT will make every reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment. An additional charge will be applied per shipment to cover the additional costs. Resolved Wrong Address : RM40 per cons”

Exceeds dimensions (SED) / Non conveyable charge (SNC)

Either the Exceed Dimensions OR Non Conveyable charge is applicable to consignments when one or more items within the consignment have dimensions over and above the below specification.

Exceeds dimensions

One of the items weight >30 kg

Max dimensions :-

Express : 1.2m(l)*1.2m(w)*1.5m(h)

Economy : 2.4m(l)*1.2m(w)*1.8m(h)

Charge per cons RM65

Non conveyable

One of the items weight <30 kg

Max dimensions :-

Express : 1.2m(l)*0.7m(w)*0.6m(h)

Economy : 1.2m(l)*0.7m(w)*0.6m(h)

Charge per cons RM65


Printed consignment notes will be charged per consignment, if you do not wish to transmit your data electronically.

Non-electronic consignment MYR2.00 per consignment.


TNT automatically offer enhanced carrier liability on all express and economy express non-document consignments up to a maximum value of Euro25,000. If you wish to "opt out" of this service please write to
Enhanced Liability = 1% of declared invoice value or MYR18.00 per consignment, whichever is greater.


Late Collection
On demand collections can be arranged at an additional fee if you require your goods to be collected beyond the time of the normal TNT collection in your area.
Late collection = MYR100 per consignment

Remote area service
A remote area is defined as difficult to reach or remote location. This is determined by postcode or town name. For an additional fee we will deliver (or collect) in these areas.
Out of Area delivery/collection = Minimum MYR30.00 per consignment or MYR1.50 per kg.


In accordance with international transportation regulations (IATA, ADR, etc...), we can manage special transport & handling services for the classified and designated substances and commodities. For more details please contact Special Services Malaysia at 03-7962 3300 or email to

  • Dangerous goods / Hazardous
  • Dry ice
  • Limited Quantity


Fuel surcharge (FSI)

Index linked charges are applied to all consignments to cover fluctuations in fuel price. For actual prices contact us 1300 882 882 or refer to

Security surcharge (ESS)

Charges applied on each consignment :MYR0.21/kg (minimum per consignment as MYR2.15) and maximum per consignment as MYR43.00).

East Malaysia Surcharge 

Additional charge of RM8.50/kg for all international shipment to/from East Malaysia.