VAT, import taxes, duty

and other customs costs

When you purchased goods, received a present or sample from a country outside of the European Union, in accordance with the EU and regulations in the Netherlands these goods will be declared to customs by TNT. In these aforementioned cases, taxes will have to be paid, such as VAT, import taxes and duties.

TNT ensures the goods are declared, and customs will check the declaration. Based on those details, which and how much taxes payable will be determined. The value of the goods, their nature and transport costs will count to calculate the import taxes that will need to be paid.

Customs will receive the owed VAT and/or import taxes/duties from TNT, after which we will invoice you these amounts. In case you have a VAT number, you can reclaim the VAT using your tax return.

For more information regarding import taxes and VAT, please visit these websites:


TNT will charge you "Customs Administration Costs" for processing the clearance of import goods, which you can check on your invoice. These charges cover:


  1. Advancing the taxes owed to customs
  2. The administrative and financial follow-up between customs, you as the addressee and TNT Express

What to do when you want to question an invoice?

In case you do not agree with the amount of VAT and import taxes charged on your invoice, please complete the form available on our website.

Customs options export and import

Many years of experience have taught us that companies with an international supply chain are being confronted by a variety of laws, regulations (customs, tax) and the corresponding laborious (administrative) duties. We also know that servicing your customers is of major importance.


Because we understand that your time is precious and you need to focus on your core business, we are more than happy to take all this out of your hands! This is why we offer the perfect import and export customs service options for optimising your supply chain.


Export services

  • Creating A-TR documents for shipments to Turkey
  • Replacing T documents
  • Arranging temporary export


Import services

  • Temporary (re)import
  • Execution customer’s instruction
  • Delivery with T1 document
  • Customs Appeal Cost


Temporary (re)import

This concerns shipments TNT imports according to special customs regulations.


Temporary import

The goods are in the EU temporarily for repair, adding or processing and leave the EU in an altered state. The goods are in the EU temporarily and leave the EU in the same state.



These goods are temporarily outside of the EU for repair, adding or processing after which they are reimported. TNT can convert all these complex regulations into practical applications, so you can focus on your core business. 


Execution customer’s instruction

You can assign TNT to organise, for each import (shipment), a specific customs instruction at the receiver. For more details, please contact your Sales contact person or Customer Service.


Delivery with T1 document

TNT provides the T1 document for you and completes the transfer document (TC11). You keep control of the customs clearance process, as you carry out the customs declaration yourself and you only outsource the specific drawing up of the documents.


Customs Appeal Cost

We can launch an appeal at customs for you, however, we will charge you an administrative cost of EUR 75, unless the cause of the issue lays with TNT. Also, we need to have received your claim within two weeks after you received the invoice, and the invoice needs to have been paid before TNT can actually launch the appeal. Please note that the customs department might charge you extra costs, which will need to be paid by you.


Ask your TNT contact about the options or call 0800 1234.