Collection and delivery


You can opt for prioritised handling from collection to delivery. Your consignment will be clearly labelled with our Priority sticker.

Remote area service

A surcharge applies to shipments with destinations that are remotely located or geographically difficult to reach.

Resolved wrong address

If a destination address provided by the sender is incomplete or incorrect and TNT is subsequently not able to deliver the shipment, TNT will make every reasonable effort to find the correct address and deliver the shipment. An additional charge will be applied per shipment to cover the additional costs.

Weekend and public holiday delivery

Deliveries under specific terms

Some shipments may require specific delivery instructions (e.g set time slot, specific location on-site). They’re usually required for deliveries to trade shows or large webshops. For these types of shipments, use our Special Services – that way you avoid delays and additional costs.

Bear in mind that for shipments to trade shows, standard services can be used for deliveries to the main entrance or counter as long as the employees are aware of the shipment and who it’s for.

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