Shipment handling

If your shipment exceeds our standard operational dimensions or can’t be handled on automated conveyor machinery, we’ll manage with additional handling.


A 'Non-conveyable' charge is applied to consignments containing one or more items and cannot be handled in our network via our automated conveyor systems if:

  • Weigh less than 30kg and
  • One or more of the dimensions exceed 1.2m (L) x 0.7m (W) x 0.6m (H)

Exceeding dimensions

Charge applied to consignments when one or more of the items weigh 30 kgs or more and one or more of the dimensions exceeds:

  • Express 1.2m (L) * 1.2m (W) * 1.5m (H)
  • Economy Express 2.4m (L) * 1.2m (W) * 1.8m (H)


If your shipments require special handling and resources because they cannot be stacked or could cause injury. We will ship them with an additional fee to cover the additional handling costs.

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