As from today, TNT offers CO2 neutral domestic express delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg at no additional charge

Monday 9 November 2015

As from today, TNT offers its business customers a CO2 neutral shipping option for their mail and parcels within the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, at no additional charge. This initiative will help SMEs and multinationals reduce their CO2 emissions.

All TNT shipments go through 2 steps:
1.    Firstly, TNT measures how much CO2 emission is produced when transporting its customers’ consignments.
2.    Subsequently, TNT neutralises this emission with an equivalent amount of CO2 credits.

TNT exclusively uses these CO2 credits for clean and renewable energy projects that meet the strict Gold Standard requirements. These investments are verified by external auditor SGS. TNT’s CO2 calculation methodology fully complies with the European standard EN16258.
Corporate customers can opt for CO2 neutrality in their consignments, both within Benelux and internationally. Within Benelux this is free of charge from now on, for international shipments a small fee is charged. At the request of its customers, TNT issues a yearly certificate on how much CO2 emission their shipments have produced and how TNT has neutralised this on their behalf. CO2 neutral shipping is part of TNT’s extended range of CO2 services, which also includes tools to measure the emission history per customer and to model future emissions on that basis.

Of course, TNT also makes a conscious effort to limit its own environmental impact as much as possible. In that respect, TNT is constantly looking for opportunities to improve the efficiency of its operation, e.g. by optimizing the network, driving behaviour and load factor. On top of that, they are experimenting with electric driving in Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Managing Director Benelux, Erik Uljee: “Corporate responsibility is an important component of our corporate strategy. We are glad that we are not alone. For that reason, we have organised our CO2 services in such a way that they seamlessly fit with the CO2 reduction projects of our customers. Especially our SME customers, who share our philosophy, embrace our efforts. After all, for the reduction of their own carbon footprint they depend on the CO2 policy of their suppliers.”

Kris Tirry, Team Leader MPC Group of MPC Industries underlines that CO2 efficiency is high on the agenda of TNT’s customers: “From our headquarters in Gorredijk, we ship millions of products to over 30 countries every year. For the selection of our new distribution channel earlier this year, we strictly checked whether the various transporters match our own corporate social responsibility philosophy. At MPC, ‘people’ come first, closely followed by ‘planet’ whereas ‘profit’ closes the line. Finding the perfect match turned out to be not that easy. We are pleasantly surprised that TNT does enable us to put flesh on the bones of our own philosophy. It goes without saying that we are very satisfied with our new distribution partner.”

After Germany, Benelux is the second European region where TNT offers CO2 services at no additional charge.

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About TNT

TNT is one of the world’s largest express delivery companies. On a daily basis, TNT delivers close to one million consignments ranging from documents and parcels to palletised freight. The company operates road and air transportation networks in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. TNT made €6.7 billion in revenue in 2014.

More about TNT and CO2 efficiency
CO2 efficiency is high on the agenda at TNT Benelux. In line with this policy, TNT launched a pilot with electric driving in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Brussels this year. Besides, TNT makes structural efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in its daily operation in Benelux. In the renovation and new construction of its real estate, CO2 efficiency is a critical factor as well. As a result, TNT’s recently opened branch in Eindhoven was awarded a BREEAM-NL (4 stars – Excellent) certificate.

More about MPC Industries
MPC Industries develops, manufactures and distributes hose clamps and brackets for all possible uses. Apart from over 800 standard products, MPC especially manufactures customised clamps and brackets. Together with its 50 employees, MPC serves customers of over 30 countries around the world from its offices in the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, France, Hungary and Poland.

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