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Dangerous goods

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Many car parts are classed as dangerous goods

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t ship them.

There are the more obvious substances like engine oils and brake fluids. Then are some things you might not expect, like airbags and hubcap cleaning fluids.

There is no one standard procedure for shipping dangerous goods. It really depends on what you're shipping and the quantity. So get in touch with our experts – they will walk you through the shipping process.

Tax and surcharges

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Factor in the volumetric weight charge

Some car parts – like bonnets or windscreens – may incur a volumetric weight charge. For large but light shipments, you’ll be charged for the space they take up rather than their actual weight. This is called ‘volumetric weight’.

The equation for working out the volumetric weight of your shipment changes slightly depending on the service you choose. However, it’s either L x W x H x 200 or L x W x H x 250. 


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Shipping engines or brakes?

Leaking fluid can weaken packaging and damage other shipments. Drain all liquids from your car parts before you ship them.

This includes oils, petrols and brake fluids. Failure to do so could lead to leakages during transit and your shipment being confiscated.

Fragile items

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Shipping a bonnet?

Bonnets are delicate – simply shipping them in a box just won’t do. Pack smart to avoid dents and scratches to the paintwork.

To avoid damage during shipment, we recommend bubble wrapping the bonnet, filling the box or crate with foam protection and using corner protectors.

Still not sure if we can ship your goods? Get in touch.

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